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Manage light and comfort using stylish window shutters

Shutters are wonderfully versatile window furnishings. They not only provide a touch of traditional charm to any home, but they’re also a convenient and effective solution for helping busy modern residents keep comfortable all throughout the seasons. The high-quality materials in Carpet Call’s custom shutters offer an extra layer of insulation, and they’re easily adjustable to regulate the amount of air and sunlight entering in.


Here we have put together our ideas and advice for blinds to help you make your decision. If you’d like more information or want to talk to an expert, visit a Carpet Call store near you or get in touch and we’ll be happy to help!

Learn about Carpet Call’s range of custom shutters during a free in-home measuring service

At Carpet Call, our range of shutters includes a variety of styles, designs, and colours that will blend seamlessly with every type of decor. Book a free in-home measure service to get your windows fitted for custom shutters in any of the available styles.

Indoor shutters

Installed on the inside of a window or door frame, indoor shutters can add instant elegance to any space. You can work with us to choose from several slat widths, a range of stained and painted finishes in PVC and timber as well as options for shaped and arched window frames.

Wooden shutters

Traditional timber shutters are a classic choice for durability, insulation, privacy and style. Suitable for the Australian climate and customisable for any window shape, wooden shutters easily complement other architectural elements while bringing a sophisticated presence to interior and exterior spaces.

Plantation shutters

The plantation shutter style was commonly used on stately residences in hot, humid climates as a way to improve air flow and block out the hot sun. They offer a more practical solution to heavy fabric drapes and are easy to adjust as the day progresses. Contemporary plantation shutters combine this innovative approach with modern construction techniques and materials suited to modern-day life.

How to select the best shutters for your needs

Shutters can be an attractive design element as well as a cost-effective, practical way to transform your windows. But each interior space will require a different solution. Explore our Shutters Buying Guide for insights to guide your search, and book a free in-home measure and quote service to get personalised assistance from our shutter specialists at Carpet Call.

Consider the benefits of adding shutters to your space

Custom shutters can offer a range of benefits for your living spaces, including:


Explore different colours and materials

Whether you choose bright white, rich brown or some colour in between, the team at Carpet Call can help you make the right choice from our selection of quality products. Our shutters are available in two materials, each with their own finishing options:

Choose an attractive and easy-to-operate style

Shutters are available in a variety of styles. The two typical shutter styles — which can be used individually or combined — are: 

Additionally, shutters can be installed and operated in several different ways. Mechanisms include: 

Get measured for custom made shutters

The specialists at Carpet Call can help you choose the right combination of features to suit your style and specifications. We can help you weigh the advantages of different louvre or blade sizes and show you the available colours, finishing options and mechanisms. After taking thorough measurements and providing a detailed quote, we’ll produce your custom shutters to your exact specifications and take care of the installation as well. 


Book a free in-home quote service to get started with bringing your ideas to life.


What’s better, blinds or shutters?

Each type of window treatment offers its own set of advantages; the choice all depends on how you want to improve your space. For instance, you can choose a style like blackout roller blinds, which will block more light than louvred shutters would. As for aesthetics, you might prefer billowing Roman blinds for a soft, lightweight look or wooden shutters for a more architectural appearance. At Carpet Call, we offer custom solutions for both blinds and shutters. Give us a call at 1300 502 427 and we can talk you through the possibilities.

Why should I consider installing shutters in Australia?

Shutters are a popular choice among Australian homeowners for several good reasons. Universal benefits like privacy, light control and architectural elegance make them a desirable choice. In addition, shutters are a highly practical and durable choice for the Australian climate. At Carpet Call, we can help you create a custom solution that helps improve your home’s energy efficiency and comfort level. Book a free in-home consultation to learn more.

What is the difference between shutters and plantation shutters?

There are several different types of shutters available, and plantation shutters are one of the most popular options. They typically feature louvres that can be controlled with visible tilt rods and are most often painted a bright, airy white. However, plantation shutters can be made in any colour and finish, and they can be installed inside or outside.


A few other interior and exterior shutter styles include: 

  • Cafe shutters, which will cover the bottom half of the window.
  • Shaker style shutters, which feature a flat or raised panel.
  • Board and batten shutters, which are made with vertical slats and horizontal supports.
  • Bahama shutters, which are hinged at the top of the window frame.

Do shutters keep the heat in?

Installing high-quality shutters is a great way to prevent heat loss during the cold weather. Given their solid, heavy material, shutters can block out more draughts than woven fabric window treatments. During the warmer seasons however, shutters can improve ventilation indoors by helping hot air escape without letting too much light in.

How much do shutters cost?

Custom shutters can be a long-lasting and cost-effective home improvement option. Our exceptional shutter range and competitive prices are why you should call Carpet Call for a free measure and quote. Pricing varies based on material, style and size. Because each window or door frame may be a different shape and size, working with a specialty store like Carpet Call is the best way to get an accurate cost estimate for your project. Our experts can measure your windows and provide a personalised quote for shutters during a free in-home service.

For more answers to your questions, please refer to our Shutters FAQs page.