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Small Bedroom Ideas for Maximising Space

Maximising space in small bedrooms

Living in a small space is a reality for so many, and that’s okay! If you ask us, small bedrooms have the potential to offer a certain cosiness that is more difficult to achieve with larger rooms — you just have to be mindful of how you design and organise the space.

What furniture works best in a small bedroom, and how do you arrange it?

These first small bedroom ideas will help give the illusion of more space, which will make your room seem larger than it really is.

When working with a small space, it’s important to heed the design of the furniture you’re using, and to know where to place it to get the most out of the room. It’s also paramount to optimise the use of your closest space. A well-organised closet can do wonders for out-of-sight storage; even the smallest wardrobes can fit a surprising amount of stuff.


  1. Idea number one is cosy corner beds. While a lot of people prefer their bed nice and square at the centre of a wall, cosying up in the corner is your best option in a small bedroom. Even better, if you can arrange the bed so that it's in the corner furthest from the door, you can give the illusion of more floor space. This can be a tasteful and deliberate design choice that offers greater flexibility and layout options for the rest of your furniture.


  1. Idea number two — mirror mirror on the wall (or the floor). Mirrors really are magic, and they can make small rooms appear bigger. Consider wall-mounted or freestanding mirrors. Reflection has the power to trick the brain into thinking a space is larger than it really is. So, place mirrors opposite a window for maximum light-reflection.


  1. And number three — closest racks. Don’t limit yourself to hangers. Installing closet shelving is a great way to optimise storage and, if done right, can remove the need for a dresser altogether. That’s sure to free up some floor space!

Small bedroom with single bed in the corner; carpeted floors; black, wooden desk and circular mirror on the wall

Build extra storage space into your bed

The style of bed you decide on is equally important as where you place it. Luckily, there are many bed options out there that are specifically designed to maximise overall floor space and create extra storage. This small bedroom idea will help you do both!

  1. Murphy beds are a great option if you’re looking to keep your floors clear. Maybe you enjoy working out in your bedroom or need an extra spot for guests to sleep easily tucks away. Murphy beds fold right up into a cabinet, so that you can have more active space in your small room.


  1. French beds, on the other hand, are a great option if you want something bigger than a single or double, but smaller than a Queen — they’re the perfect middle-ground for adults living in smaller spaces.

In terms of actual storage, there are plenty of great bed designs that offer built-in drawers or innovative, hinged frames that allow for easy access to things stored “under” them.

  1. A storage bed is a great option for people who want to maximise cache space without having to build anything themselves. These kinds of beds are available in many different designs and offer great extra storage space for those small spaces.

Lastly, a great option for augmenting bed storage is to buy or build a custom frame that’s taller than a normal one. The higher your bed comes off the ground, the more room you have underneath to store things. And, if you have a particularly high ceiling, you may even be able to configure a loft-style bed and fit a desk below it. Even a few feet of space, though, is enough for organised bins.

Using white in your room to gain a sense of space

If you want to take advantage of this illusion to the fullest, you should definitely consider using white paint in your small bedroom. But, if that’s not interesting enough for your taste, any brilliant colours will do — but the lighter, the better.

Light paint, aside from simply being more bright than darker tones and colours, is more reflective - and like mirrors, echos light. That means that your room will appear brighter, therefore giving the illusion of a more airy, open space.

Small bedroom with grey carpets, a single bed in the corner, white walls and grey wallpaper

Go floor to ceiling with storage

Shelf space is important in a small bedroom. After all, if you can’t spread out any more horizontally, go vertically!

An office space with two matching shelving units against a wall

There are plenty of freestanding and floating shelf options out there that offer a great design aesthetic as well as practicality. A quick search for “floor to ceiling shelving” or "floating shelf" on your favourite furniture or home goods website will return lots of great shelving results.

On the other hand, if you're looking for maximum floor-to-ceiling storage potential — and you’re a little handy or have some extra money to spend — built-ins are the way to go. Built-in bookshelves, instead of being a separate piece of furniture, are directly built into a wall. The benefit of this is that you aren’t limited to the default dimensions of popular shelving units and can quite literally turn an entire wall into an astounding ambry for storing and displaying just about anything. Plus, you save space by omitting another piece of standalone furniture.

While we're thinking about shelf space, consider keeping bedside furniture to a minimum. Instead of using a traditional bedside table, consider a small floating shelf instead. This legless option will complement the rest of these tips by adding to the illusion of a larger space — and you still get that handy surface area that a bedside table would offer.

Wall mount your lighting

A lot about making small spaces appear bigger is illusory, but you gotta do what you gotta do — plus, it can be a fun design challenge! Wall-mounted lighting, or sconces, is another technique that can help change the perception of a room and make it appear bigger than it really is.

These fixtures are drilled directly into a wall, usually in equidistant pairs, and afford all the benefits of a lamp without taking up the floor space. For a lot of people, a ceiling-mounted light isn’t practical or even viable in their room. In that case, your best bet for lights are wall-mounted options.

Bedroom with a double bed, light grey carpet and wall-mounted lights

Small rooms are charming, cosy and have much more potential than most people think — it's just about making the right design choices. These small bedroom ideas are just the tip of the iceberg in terms of what's possible. But, now that you have a nice batch of fresh advice to consider for maximising storage space, your small bedroom would be incomplete without lustrous new timber flooring, laminate, vinyl or carpet to pull it all together.

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