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Modern Bedroom Ideas and Interior Design Tips

That said, what is it that makes a bedroom modern? You've come to the right place for not only a better understanding of what defines a modern bedroom but for design ideas to bring that vision to life.

What makes a bedroom modern?

While there are lots of ways and solutions to epitomise a modern bedroom look, modern style reflects the word's meaning. Indeed, just as the word "modern" is defined as "relating to the present" as opposed to what has already happened or is obsolete, modern style focuses on simplicity and the elimination of what is superfluous. In short, modern design is minimalist and practical, where form follows function. That vision can apply to wall decor, furniture pieces, lighting, flooring, colour and more.

Several influences helped to create what modern style means today in the world of interior design, but here are a few classic characteristics of a modern space, as chronicled by The Spruce:

  • Natural woods and wood veneers
  • Strong use of natural light
  • Space stripped of unnecessary clutter
  • Fully exposed structural elements, such as ceiling joists and hanging beams
  • Furniture that is heavy on linear, limited on curvature
  • A mostly neutral colour scheme 
  • Use of reflective surfaces wherever possible (i.e. not forced)

Making a bedroom more modern entails incorporating some of these designs, such as natural woods and wood veneers in furniture, the use of neutral colours on the walls and fabrics, and the use of reflective surfaces that can help to embellish natural light. 

We here at Carpet Call have a collection of design ideas — as well as some quality-crafted products — that you'll want to consider. From the colours of our rugs to the blinds that can capture lighting that's just right, Carpet Call is your all-in-one resource for modern bedroom design at an affordable price.

Trending bedroom styles

As with most interior design styles, modern style has a number of branches, including nautical, Scandinavian, bohemian, farmhouse, urban modern, shabby chic and minimalism. Each has its own unique blend of characteristics that help define what it is, all while adhering to the overall modern aesthetic.

According to Insider, minimalism is among the hottest bedroom trends for 2022. But mid-century modern is arguably the most popular of all modern styles. Here are a few characteristics of mid-century modern:

  • Clean lines and natural shapes
  • Muted tones
  • Natural materials
    • Wood
    • Glass
    • Marble
    • Metal
  • Man-made materials
    • Fibreglass
    • Lucite
    • Plastic

If you're applying this style to your bedroom, the aforementioned materials may be used in furniture pieces, wall decor or even the bed frame.

Another distinguishing characteristic of mid-century modern is the colour scheme. Whereas traditional modern design favours more neutral colours — such as white, beige, grey, wood and black — mid-century modern style blends the neutral tones with vivid pops of colour. Examples include:

  • Orange-peel orange 
  • Muddy brown
  • Banana yellow 
  • Caribbean sea blue 

Vivid is nice, but if you're looking for more calming colours that are soothing for the eyes, it's best to stick with muted tones. As noted by ElleDecor, research suggests shades of green and blue are the most relaxing for the eyes because of their short wavelengths, which affects how our eyes perceive them.

For furniture pieces, mid-century modern style makes liberal use of clean lines and gently curved angles. In keeping with the core modern style, furniture pieces for mid-century modern are void of the frills and embellishments that are more synonymous with eclectic, retro or boho style.

 Modern bedroom featuring a full-size bed with grey headboard, flanked by two wooden night

Successful tips to for a more modern bedroom

Update your flooring

The floor is the biggest part of your bedroom space. As such, you can maximise that modern bedroom vibe by overhauling it — through hard flooring installation — or complementing it with new fabrics or textiles. 

An area rug is a super-effective way to create a modern look and feel in any bedroom. Modern style is all about simplicity and neutrality (with some exceptions, like mid-century modern). Therefore, why not lay down an area rug over your wood or timber floors? Whether you place it next to the north side of your guest bedroom wall or squarely in the middle of the master bedroom, such a rug can change the atmosphere and ambiance of any such space.

Roma is a superior area rug option. Coming in several different sizes — from as small as 120 cm x 170 cm to as large as 300 cm x 400 cm. Handcrafted in India, the look and design of this rug style is inspired by the Scandinavian take on mid-century modern. Because it's meant to be walked on in bare feet, it's ideal for the bedroom. You'll understand what all the fuss is about when you walk over its warmly woven texture. 

Our summer range combines modern and retro designs that captures the easy, breezy sense that the season is known for. But if you don't want it for the bedroom, it's also ideal for your outdoor space. Alternatively, you may want a much larger rug, one that spans the entirety of the room from wall to wall.

Bed with white sheets and red throw pillows on top of grey carpeting


Ranging in a wide variety of colours — including Phantom Dream, Cliffside, Harvest and Smokescreen — Heritage Plush blends simplicity with sophistication, all while adding warmth and texture to a modern bedroom. 

Bed with wooden headboard, brown pillows and comforter and neutral tones on the walls, floor and ceiling


The Grand Terrain captures modern essence both in look and feel. Made from recycled material, the Grand Terrain carpet sold exclusively by Carpet Call is highly durable, environmentally friendly and comes in classic modern style colours, including Mt. Snow, Whistler, Black Comb, Aspen and Seven Springs.

Modern bedroom for a baby featuring white furniture, including two cribs

But you may want to forego carpeting in its entirety in favour of hard flooring. Carpet Call has a host of natural timber hard flooring options, including oak white rustic, oak albescent and oak antique barrique. All of these materials adhere to the modern style from a functionality, colour and practicality standpoint. Plus, hard floors help accentuate the other colours of the room. 

Utilise smart devices

Modern style embraces the concept of form following function. This means it isn't all about appearances; it's about adding elements to the room that epitomise functionality and help make things happen. In our digital world, perhaps nothing better accomplishes that than smart devices. From wearables to tablets and smartphones, smart technology is ubiquitous in the marketplace. You name it, there is likely a smart equivalent, the most well known being the smartphone. Indeed, a whopping 86% of people in Australia own a smartphone, according to research compiled by Statista. You can leverage your smartphone — or other smart devices — so your bedroom lives up to the form follows function credo. 

For example, lighting is an important component of modern bedroom design, both in its natural form and manufactured through the use of lamps, spotlights or light fixtures. You can control lighting through the use of interconnected bulbs. Whether they're dimmed, timed or turned on and off whenever it makes sense to do so, they can be manipulated however you prefer by pairing them with your smartphone. Alternatively, you can have the lights turn off on your own, which can help you save on your electricity bills and avoid distractions that can affect the quality of your sleep if you doze off with the lights on.

Smart curtains are another clever bedroom decor solution. As with other products that utilise smart technology, smart curtains are fully controllable by one click, button push or voice command. This allows you to manipulate them when you're turning in for the night, open them up in the morning or dial down the intense light in your bedroom on a particularly sunny day, without ever touching the curtains themselves.

There are also smart beds. While smart mattresses and box springs are more appropriately classified as furniture than devices, they add functionality to your space by doing what beds do best: helping you get a better night's rest by collecting data and self-adjusting through temperature control and other actions.

Incorporate relaxing colour palettes

Whether through the use of decor, furniture pieces or the paint on your accent wall, colours can evoke a host of emotions and sensibilities. Monochromatic, neutral and more muted tones are textbook colours for modern bedroom design. These can include grey, classic white, eggshell, black and various shades of beige, such as ecru. Even though the essence of modern bedroom design is minimalist, there are numerous surfaces that will be ideal for these colours. Between the rug, wall decor, furniture, paint for the walls and even the shade of the bed frame, you have lots of opportunities to incorporate your desired colour combinations that will make the room uniquely yours.

Plus, it doesn't get more natural or more straightforward than sleep. According to, several calming colours that have been linked to creating the environment needed to fall asleep faster are those frequently used in modern bedroom design. Here are a few of those colours and how they can make a space seem more restful:

  • Blue: The colour blue may help calm the central nervous system, which controls the body's labyrinthe network of nerve cells, fibres and transmission of nerve impulses
  • White: White, which technically is the absence of colour, helps minimise the visual distractions, enabling the brain and body to relax and unwind  more easily
  • Beige: A few hues darker than white, beige also is believed to diminish distractions, while creating a sense of balance and overall equanimity

From using the same colour palette for all your surfaces to accenting it with another to draw out the contrast, the colours you choose can greatly embellish the modern bedroom aura.

Modern bedroom with a wooden wall covering and mattress that has black and white linens

The colour you select for your wall or walls doesn't have to be just paint. You can also add a pop of colour to your modern bedroom through wall decor, such as wall coverings. Easy Cover Pro is a self-adhesive wall covering solution that adds sophistication and professionalism to your bedroom but can be done entirely on your own. Coming in a range of neutral colours, including Nordic Oak, Easy Cover Pro has an exclusive fixing system, which makes it perfect for the bedroom, office/bedroom, bathroom, kitchen or traditional away-from-home commercial office space.

Control natural light with blinds 

Ideally, your bedroom features at least one (if not several) windows. Windows not only help a room look naturally bigger, but also let in the lighting that lends openness and simplicity to your favourite resting space. Naturally (pardon the pun), the sun holds much of the control over how much light will envelop your bedroom, but you can have more sway in the matter with the right blinds.

Whether crafted from wood (e.g., timber) or man-made material, blinds combine function, style and versatility that can match the aesthetic essence that you're aiming to create. When you open and close your blinds, you can let the light in to your liking.

Living area decorated with brown furniture and vertical blinds covering the window behind the sofa

Many of Carpet Call's custom-made blinds are designed with the modern bedroom in mind. With vertical blinds, the linear styling lends a clean, refined look to any bedroom that has a sliding door or large window. But sliding glass doors and picture windows aren't necessarily relegated to the bedroom. As such, vertical blinds can be a sophisticated choice for any room in the modern home.  

Roller blinds slightly covering two windows that are adjacent to each other

The appropriately named roller blinds are among the more popular and versatile blinds on the market. Classic and modern at the same time, roller blinds reposition smoothly when you roll them far down, all the way up and anywhere in between, to effectively introduce natural light to your bedroom. What's more, they're durable, high-performing and can be designed to fit any window size when you book a free measure

These are just a few worthwhile ideas that can transform your drab bedroom into a truly modern space. You might think it will take a great deal of time, money and planning to implement these solutions, but redesigning through Carpet Call will be flexible for your budget. For carpet, hard flooring, rugs, blinds, shutters and more, Carpet Call is your one-stop provider for virtually every style you want your rooms to resemble. Contact us for general enquiries, product information and service requests regarding installation.


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