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Explore a colourful and stylish array of homewares that tie into any home decor style

Add colour, comfort and personality to your space with luxurious homewares from Carpet Call. With a great range of designer-inspired cushions and other accessories to choose from, in a variety of modern shades and patterns, your home decor will be complete and on-trend.

Invite comfort and style into your home with Carpet Call’s homewares

Plush accessories like throw cushions and luxurious towels add a finishing touch to any room. Plus, they can serve as the perfect gift for a loved one’s housewarming. 

Cosy, decorative cushions add a splash of colour to your home

Whether you’ve opted for a serene neutral colour scheme for your bedroom or a bright and cheerful palette in your living areas, the right scatter cushions can complete the look with a pop of colour and texture. Add warmth and a touch of luxury with jewel-tone velvets and soft knitted cottons in a range of shades and patterns.

Fluffy towels bring a touch of luxury to your lifestyle

When it’s time to wind down, draw a bath, light a few candles and set the mood with top-quality towels in the fluffiest fibres. Enhancing your master bathroom or guest bathrooms with plush towels in an array of colours is a great way to bring a spa-like atmosphere to your home. 

Top-quality service, whether you shop homewares online or in stores

You can shop our range of quality homewares from the comfort of home by exploring our online selection. Or, pop into your local Carpet Call to peruse in person. One of our friendly homewares experts will be happy to help you select the right style, colour and product for your home.

How to choose the perfect homewares for your space

These easy interior decorating tips will ensure you pick the best accessories for each space in your home:

Translate home decor inspiration into tips you can try

Looking at home decor inspiration online, in magazines and across social media is a fantastic way to gather some ideas for your own interiors. But it’s not just about finding images you like in someone else’s home — the key is translating those ideas into your own space. 


Dig into each image you love and make a note of two or three strategies you could try out at home. For instance, you might like the dark, enveloping colour palette and how the room features soft accents like cushions on the couch that make a large space feel cosy. Go ahead and try these design tricks out for yourself!

Balance large anchor pieces with smaller accents

When it comes to furnishing your room, focus on creating groupings of accessories. Start with one large statement item — such as a designer homeware piece, a statement chair or a large piece of wall art. Then, layer smaller items like vases, candles and soft furnishings around that piece to add depth, balance and texture.

Select accessories within your colour palette 

Consider the colours of major features throughout the room, like your walls, carpets, hard flooring and statement rugs as well as large furniture items like couches and bedspreads. Choose accents that either include those colours or feature harmonious hues. Following a cohesive palette can make even the most ordinary space feel extraordinary.

Not sure what colour palette to start with? Shop Carpet Call’s entire collection to design your perfect room!