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What are plantation shutters?

If you’ve heard the term or seen it mentioned in interior magazines and would like to find out more about this timeless style of window treatment, here’s everything you need to know.

Have you considered using plantation shutters in your home?



Just as the name suggests, plantation shutters are believed to have originated in the era where plantations were plentiful. From sugar to coffee, tobacco to cotton, these estates were predominantly in the subtropical American South and Caribbean.

As such, the more wealthy of dwellers who spent time indoors were faced with hot and humid conditions in the height of summer. Curtains were simply too heavy and stiff to help support much-needed airflow, so a new solution was required. This is where plantation shutters came in. The wooden window treatment worked so well in the warmer weather because of the large slat size that provided sufficient ventilation in the home, keeping dwellers cool and protected.


Providing ample light and ventilation, plantation shutters have always been a popular choice.



As discussed, there are various styles of blinds and shutters on the market – so why choose plantation?

One of the biggest draw cards for plantation shutters is its aesthetic appeal. Whether you choose interior or exterior shutters, you can enjoy a classic and rustic feel with the plantation style. The custom-built frame fits perfectly around any size or style of window, meaning all homeowners can reap the rewards of this classic design for years to come.

The design difference doesn’t stop there. Plantation shutters are also renowned for their larger slat size, also called the louvre. When pulled up, more light enters the room, along with providing that synonymous air ventilation. As well as with tilting up and down at various angles, plantation shutters can open fully from the centre, folding at each side of the frame for full light exposure. This versatility creates a great number of ways to change up the style of your room, as well as altering how much light and privacy you want.

If you think plantation shutters could be the best style for your home, you may want to know more about their cost. For this information and to find out more about custom fitting and styles, call into your local Carpet Call store today.


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