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Interior design tricks to make your large room cosy

Whether you have an expansive floor plan, or you’re dealing with a large open space such as a loft, sometimes having too much room can be a downside, creating a draughty, unwelcoming atmosphere. However, by taking a leaf from the book of interior design, you can transform your cavernous place into a habitable haven.

Here are our top tricks for making a large space feel cosy.



When it comes to making a small space feel bigger, often people turn to light, bright colour schemes. However, you can also use colour to create the ambience you desire in your large space.

Paint your wainscoating a complimentary colour to the rest of your walls to enclose your room a little more snugly. Picking a colour a few shades darker than your walls for the ceiling if it’s particularly high can also make the room more cosy.

As with small spaces, too many colours in a large room can be overwhelming. Rather stick to a handful of key shades for your carpet and walls, keeping one or two accent colours for contrast.




You don’t need walls to divide up a large space! Instead, strategic placement of furniture and other decor is key. L-shaped lounge suites or a daybed can create a cosy space to relax within the room.

A quality rug can also be a great way to create a different zone within a large living space, working as a visual anchor that distinguishes it from the rest of the floor plan. If you have a specific design or pattern that you’ve used in the room, and want to echo it on a ground level, you can enquire about our custom rug service.

For a more substantial separator, freestanding bookshelves or decorative screens can make a wonderful, aesthetically pleasing addition to the room.



Large, barren walls don’t really scream ‘cosy’. They are, however, a perfect opportunity for creating your own mini gallery in your home. Displaying your favourite art work or arrange a collection of large photographic prints is a sure fire way to add more personality and focus to your large space.

Ensure that whatever you decide to display has a thread of consistency running through it for maximum visual effect – whether it’s the subject matter, colour, or choice of framing.


Another way to fill up some wall space and add a stylish touch to your room is with your choice of window furnishings. Roman blinds are a fantastic way to add texture and interest to your walls, and unlike curtains, don’t require masses of fabric to fit larger windows.


To fill some of the space without blocking out the light, turn to nature for a helping hand. Tall, potted plants with leafy fronds are the perfect addition to big spaces, creating visual interest without being overly imposing.

Some good choices for indoor greenery include Kentia palm, ficus, dracaena and members of the palm tree family. Just head along to your local garden centre to find out which plant would be best suited to your home.



With a larger floor plan comes more space that needs to be lit. As bigger rooms and bigger windows tend to come hand in hand, usually lighting doesn’t present too much of a challenge during the daytime. However, at night you’ll need to consider how you want to illuminate the area – no one wants to putting their feet up in a dark corner of the room.

Supplement ceiling lights with free standing lamps of different heights, or explore ornate, creative wall sconces for shedding a little light on your big space.



When you’re looking to overhaul your space, it’s best to start with the basics. Carpet Call has a wide range of residential carpet to suit any home, big or small. While you can check out the range online, there’s nothing like coming into one of our stores to take a look at our carpet and rugs for yourself.

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To find out more, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our knowledgeable team, or come pay us a visit in store – we’d love to hear about your vision for your space!

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