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The Best Carpet Cleaner Solutions for Fresh Floors

Fortunately, your carpet doesn't have to just lay there and take it. We have several cleaning product recommendations that can help your carpet fight back so it's never down for the count, several of which are Australian-made, coming directly from us here at Carpet Call. From superior vacuum cleaners to the best stain remover for surface level or deeper problems, with these solutions, you can bid a not-so-fond farewell to stubborn stains.

But before we delve into the details of the best cleaning solutions as they relate to your carpet, rugs and hard floors, let's explore some of the various basic best practices for carpet cleaning you can do at home. These methods are often leveraged by commercial and residential cleaning service providers.

Bed with blue comforter/quilt on greyish green wool carpet

Why you should consider a carpet cleaner

A carpet cleaner is any chemical agent, activity, process or product that freshens carpets by eliminating the particles that cause staining. Those stains may be from food, dirt, debris or dust. Because these types of stains are inevitable, a carpet cleaner is an effective and reliable way to get tough stains removed.

There are several kinds of carpet cleaning processes; the three most common are the following: 

  • Hot water extraction
  • Dry cleaning
  • Vacuuming

Hot water extraction uses pressurised hot water to lift dirt, staining and debris from carpets. The hot water is sprayed with a truck mount carpet cleaner or portable electric unit. Dry cleaning relies on a combination of dry compounds and chemical solvents that remove dirt and staining by applying the solutions with specialised equipment. Last but not least, vacuuming is a solely equipment-based cleaning process that relies on the power of suction to lift particles, stains and debris from carpet surfaces. Some vacuum-based carpet cleaners may also involve agitation or steam emission.

These aren't the only carpet cleaning methods, but they're all reliable options for stain removal and preventive care. People have different opinions on the best carpet cleaning method. The truth is, it depends on the stain and who is doing the cleaning, meaning yourself or a professional. Let's start with some of the most reliable ways to clean a carpet yourself. Then, we'll explore the best professional techniques, several of which we briefly discussed earlier. 

The four essentials to carpet care

At Carpet Call, we prioritise the durability and longevity of each of our carpet options by using only the finest of materials during the manufacturing process. From life-proof, 100% Kovatech carpets to wool carpets that are known for their resilience, our impressive lineup of carpets and rugs are custom-designed to go the extra mile. But you have a role to play on this front, since life has a tendency to get messy. Thus, there are four keys to maintaining your flooring materials' fresh-from-the-factory look for as long as possible. We like to think of them as your carpet callings:


  • Vacuum frequently and thoroughly
  • Clean up spills promptly and completely
  • Employ professional steam cleaning periodically
  • Take preventative maintenance measures regularly


  1. Vacuum frequently and thoroughly: One of the most common questions customers ask us at Carpet Call is how often they should vacuum their carpets, rugs and hard floors. Our answer: It depends, largely on how big the area you're vacuuming happens to be and the level of foot traffic. Generally speaking, though, we recommend lightly vacuuming twice a week and thoroughly vacuuming once a week.

What does "light vacuuming" and "thoroughly vacuuming" mean? Light refers to around two to three passes over any given area of the rug or carpet; thoroughly means between five and seven passes.

Not only does consistent vacuuming help to keep your carpets looking tidy, stain and granule free, but it can also improve its lifespan by eliminating the foreign objects and substances that shorten it and increase its worn-out look. 

For frequency to be effective, though, it must also be thorough. Central to thoroughness is ensuring your vacuum is of high quality and receives the attention it needs to do its job well. This requires switching out vacuum bags when they're half-full, replacing filters in accordance with the manufacturer's suggestions and keeping an eye on the vacuum's suction performance. If it's not picking up as much as it does normally, it may be time for a new bag.

  1. Clean up spills promptly and completely: Some spills are minor, other spills are major. But what's important about every spill is getting it picked up — and quickly. When spills aren't addressed in a prompt manner, staining really starts to take hold because the colours, ingredients and chemicals of the spilled substance have had time to fester, penetrating deeply into the carpet fibre. Thus, as soon as a drink, food item or something else falls on your carpet, take care of it straight away while it's still wet. Allowing it to dry is when permanent staining is possible.

You also want to be careful about how you take care of the spill. For instance, if you scrub it, you risk embedding the substance even deeper into the fibres, rendering the clean-up process moot. Instead, soak up all your carpet and rug spills with an absorbent sponge. If neither is immediately available, a suitable alternative is a white paper towel that's void of colours, prints or designs — all of which may bleed into the spill and make it worse.

The next step involves using a certified carpet cleaning product to further neutralise the effects of the spill, but we'll discuss some of the best carpet cleaner solutions later.   

  1. Employ professional steam cleaning services periodically: If you're looking to keep your carpet in as mint condition as humanly possible, then steam cleaning is an absolute must. Vacuuming is undoubtedly important, but as impressive as many vacuums are at picking up messes that can lead to staining, they can't get to everything, especially in carpets that are high pile. High pile carpets feel luxurious underfoot but they're notorious for collecting dust, dirt and debris.

Steam cleaning is a deeper level of cleaning that accesses what vacuums can't and is particularly effective with especially aggressive substances that cause soiling and adhere to carpet fibres. 

Steam cleaning isn't something you want to do on your own, though, given the equipment that's involved and the processes. That's why you should contact a professional cleaner who is a member of a professional association. Their membership is an indication they have the proper training and used the solutions that are in accordance with maintenance standards of Australia and New Zealand. 

When you do find a steam cleaning service, ensure you have your carpet professionally cleaned once a year at a minimum. Going more than that can decrease the lifespan of your carpet and make it appear older than it actually is. 

  1. Take simple preventative measures regularly: Yes, spills and stains do happen, but that doesn't mean you have to wait for them to occur. You can go on offence through preventative maintenance.

For example, you're bound to see a carpet fibre or two snag, catch or jut out as your carpet gets older. Instead of letting it hang there and risk more of the fibres coming loose — or worse, pulling the sprout with your fingers, which risks damaging the carpet — simply clip the sprout with scissors.

Something else you should try to do is gently move your furniture so it's slightly repositioned from where it is now. Doing so can minimise those heavy dents or impressions that the legs of your couch or tables make when they're in one position. If dents do exist, you can make them less pronounced by stroking the dented area with a coin against the natural direction of the pile.

Another preventative maintenance tip? Close the blinds on your windows and doors from time to time. Of course, carpets and rugs come in a wide variety of vivid and muted colours, but those colours can fade over time when they're constantly bathed in direct sunlight. This is caused by the sun's ultraviolet rays. You can keep your carpets and rugs away from that washed-out look by closing your blinds and curtains when it's especially bright or whenever you feel it's appropriate.

Other great preventative maintenance measures include using furniture coasters to avoid those carpet dents, placing a chair pad underneath chairs with rollers to prevent carpet snagging and placing a protective barrier (like heavy cardboard or plywood) between the wheels and the carpet whenever you're relocating heavy furniture, as opposed to repositioning it.  

Best vacuum cleaner for superior cleaning

As mentioned, vacuuming is important for maintaining clean floors. Luckily, the Liectroux Robot Vacuum/Mop Cleaner handles the chore for you. Designed with cutting-edge technology, the Liectroux Robo 2-in-1 Vacuum and Mop is the next generation of effective, effortless floor and carpet cleaning. Voice-enabled and compatible with both the Amazon Echo Dot and the Google Home personal assistant devices, the Liectroux Robot Vacuum/Mop Cleaner is hands-free and is powered with powerful suction and mopping capabilities that deliver a one-two punch to the surface stains, crumbs and debris that hide on your floors, rugs and carpeting. Its suction capability is among the best you'll find on the market. Directing the unit's navigation are intelligent sensors that adapt to their environment, ensuring it won't fall on raised surfaces (like staircases).

Liectroux Robot Vacuum/Mop Cleaner in use on a patterned white and grey rug in a room with cushioned chairs and sofas.

While this cleaning product is designed to be self-operational, you can also control it with your mobile device or the battery-powered remote (batteries not included). The Liectroux Robo Dual 2 in 1 Vacuum/Mop comes with side brushes, dust box, power adapter, two microfibre mop pads, charging station and much more. 

Although it's not designed for carpeting, you may also want to consider the Quattro Self Cleaning Power Cordless Mop. Equipped with an automatic cleaning function, the Quattro Self Cleaning Power Cordless Mop leverages advanced technology to freshen and sparkle your bare floors in all your rooms and on all hard flooring materials, including hybrid, vinyl, laminate and even timber. Its effectiveness derives from the speed of the mop pads. Powered with forward and reverse spin technology, the pads rotate at a brisk 200 revolutions per minute. Lightweight and seamless to maneuver, the Quattro is a high-quality hard floor cleaning resource that is as easy to use as it is on your floors, without compromising on overall cleaning effectiveness.

Quattro Self Cleaning Power Cordless Mop in use on timber floor

The best carpet cleaner options for fresh floors 

There are at least five professional carpet cleaning techniques. In no particular order of effectiveness (i.e. they all work well), these include:

  • Dry powder cleaning
  • Bonnet cleaning
  • Hot water extraction
  • Professional steam cleaning
  • Encapsulation cleaning

Let's go over each one very briefly.

  1. Dry powder cleaning: Dry powder cleaning could just as easily be referred to as host system cleaning. Mainly used for maintenance and spot cleaning purposes, as opposed to deep cleaning, dry powder cleaning is a process that involves mixing a natural cleaning product with water, a solvent and a detergent. The natural cleaning product — which typically blends solutions like white vinegar, baking soda or citrus fruit, among other ingredients — is considered the host. 

When all these ingredients are blended together, it's lightly sprinkled onto the carpet. The reaction of the mixture to the carpet fibres causes it to clump together, which helps to dissolve the dirt and stains. After a brief period, the carpet is then fully vacuumed, taking the dirt and debris along with it. 

  1. Bonnet cleaning: In a way, bonnet cleaning is similar to dry powder cleaning; it's mainly done for ongoing maintenance needs and top surface carpet cleaning rather than stains that lie deep in the carpet fibre. What distinguishes it from dry powder cleaning is its utilisation of moisture. It uses very little water and because only the surface of the carpet receives the treatment — which is typically a self-neutralising detergent — the carpet dries quickly, often within as little as a half-hour. Assisting in this process is a rotary scrubber, attached with a bonnet pad, which is used to agitate the carpet.


  1. Hot water extraction: The name kind of gives it away, but hot water extraction is a carpet cleaning method that combines hot water that is pressurised and mixed with other robust cleansing agents. The fact that the water is pressurised helps to loosen the dirt and stubborn stains from the affected carpet fibre. An industrial grade vacuum is then used to suction up the water and the loosened dirt and debris. Unlike the ones mentioned earlier, hot water extraction is ideal for deep cleaning, since the injection action helps to uproot stains that are more entrenched and deep-seated.


  1. Professional steam cleaning: With professional steam cleaning, the equipment used is just as crucial to the method as the agent that's applied to the carpet. Similar to hot water extraction, professional steam cleaning injects pressurised moisture into the carpet to attack whatever has caused the staining. But instead of injecting it in liquid form, it's released as steam, or very fine water droplets. 

In addition to removing dirt, mud and stains resulting from certain foods and beverages, steam cleaning is also an effective way to eliminate offensive odours (perhaps from pets), bacteria and dust mites, which you may be sensitive to if you have any allergies. 

  1. Encapsulation cleaning: If there was ever such a thing as a vacuum sandwich — where the vacuum serves as the slices of bread — encapsulation cleaning might be its alternative moniker. This method begins and ends with vacuuming and in the middle, the cleaning solution is applied, or to be more specific, the encapsulating chemical is applied. The encapsulating chemical is what absorbs the dirt or other staining on the carpet, a process that is assisted by a rotary agitation machine. 

Once it's had time to work its magic, the chemical is vacuumed away. Similar to the other methodologies, encapsulation cleaning is low moisture so it generally doesn't take long for the carpet to dry.

Leave shampooing to the experts

The cleaning strategies mentioned above are all commonly deployed by cleaning service providers and work well for carpet and rug cleaning, be it for those deep cleaning needs, maintenance or spot cleaning. Professionals often also deploy carpet shampoos, which can attack stains more effectively than steam by softening the problematic areas, especially detritus like caked-on dirt and mud. Shampooing is also great at removing dust particles, mites and microscopic insects that can leave your carpet looking dingy and smelly.

However, in addition to applying the shampoo, it also needs to be removed once it's had time to work its way into your carpet's fibres. And unless you're familiar with how to extract it and apply the right amount of water to blend with the shampoo, you may wind up damaging your carpet if everything isn't done correctly. This is why it's best to keep the shampooing to the professionals. They know how to apply it, how much to use and how to sop it all up when it's had time to settle. 

Best stain removing products

There are a variety of cleaning methods that you can do at home and on your own. If you're looking for the best carpet cleaner products out there, look no further. 

Carpet Call's Amazing Absorbent Wonder Block is a superior spot cleaning solution that tackles a wide variety of stains that can affect your carpet, rugs, windows or other home surfaces. Available in all our brick and mortar stores and online, this solution truly works wonders by gently lifting stubborn stains that are fresh and long existing when paired with the Carpet & Upholstery Spot Cleaner spray. It's safe for use on all fabrics, fibres and upholstery and can also be used for glass surfaces — like mirrors and windows — in the office or in the car. These items are available separately and sold as a bundle for one convenient, affordable price.

Amazing Absorbent Wonder Block spot cleaner next to a spilled mug of coffee on a carpet

Another superior and highly versatile spot-cleaning product is Carpet Stain & Soil Remover from the stain removal specialists at Shaw Floors. Safe for usage on virtually every carpet and rug material, including wool. The Stain & Soil Remover does what it says and much more by penetrating deep into fibres so that the stains are gone for good. Plus, the formula coats an invisible layer onto the sprayed carpet fibre to prevent the stains from returning. All you have to do is spray, blot and repeat — no need to rinse the spot or douse it with water. It can also be used on many different kinds of stains, whether they're derived from pets, garden pests or hard-to-remove foods like ketchup and coffee. 

Shaw Floors Carpet Stain & Soil Remover cleaning product on carpet next to dark stain

To keep the freshness of your hard flooring around for a long while, consider using Pure Clean. Pure Clean Floor Cleaner & Disinfectant is a commercial grade floor cleaner that kills up to 99.9% of bacteria and germs. And a little goes a long way, as even though it comes in a 1 litre container, it can make up to 20 litres when you add water to it.

Container of Pure Clean Floor Cleaner & Disinfectant

Maintaining the health and longevity of carpets and rugs is an ongoing battle. But even when you're regularly vacuuming and are careful about what you carry when walking over carpet or an area rug, accidents still happen, from dropped chocolate ice cream cones to knocked-over glasses of grape juice. Sure Seal Rug & Carpet Protector helps to guard against those spillage scenarios. 

Canister of Rug & Carpet Protector, made by Sure Seal for rug cleaning

Suitable for use on all rugs and carpet fibre types, Rug & Carpet Protector from Sure Seal lives up to its nomenclature by protecting rugs from serious staining caused by dark-coloured food and beverages and other offenders, such as motor oil. It accomplishes this through its deep-penetrating formulation that shields carpet fibres from permanent soiling, staining and spotting. 

Your carpet and rugs make a statement about your style and the warmth of your home. Carpet Call has the carpet fabrics and cleaning options that stand the test of time. Contact us to learn more or book a free home measure.


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