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Panel Glide Blinds

Panel Glide Blinds

Custom-made, Modern Panel Blinds for Every Space

Gliding effortlessly into place, discover our range of panel glide blinds instore or online!

Panel Glides are a chic and practical window treatment option that feature a series of fabric panels that effortlessly slide along a sleek track. These window coverings offer an excellent solution for larger window areas and sliding doors, and are available in a range of fabrics, including Blackout, Light Filtering, and Sunscreen.

Using a metal wand attached to the lead panel, Panel Glides are easy to operate and allow for seamless opening and closing of the panels to control privacy, light, and insulation. Their versatility and elegant design make them a popular choice for both residential and commercial spaces.

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  • Panel Glides are a great alternative to having multiple blinds covering large window and door openings. When drawn open, the panels sit either in front or behind each other, taking up a minimal amount of space.
  • Panel Glides are very easy to operate and can be opened and closed with a simple sliding motion. Regardless of size, the panels glide smoothly along the track with very little effort.
  • Design Options The panels are available in three design options to complement the décor style of the room. The styles are Plain, Sewless and Plantation. All styles operate and function in the same way.
  • Layout Options Panel Glides are configured to open from the left or right and also from the centre of the opening.
  • Insulation Panel Glides will assist in insulating the interior from the external heat and cold.
  • Coordination The simple non fussy design of panel glides enables them to be easily coordinated with other blind types within the same room, for example roller blinds.
  • The width and number of panels to cover the opening is determined by the layout and functionality required. It’s recommended to have a panel width between 450mm to 900mm. The average width of panels is approximately 600mm to 850mm.
  • Panels are hemmed with a 30mm pocket into which a flat PVC lath is inserted. This weighs the panels down and ensures the panel fabric always hangs flat.
  • The panels are attached to slider rails that have the hook/rough side of heavy duty. Velcro fixed to the face of the rail. The loop/ soft side of the Velcro is sewn to the top of the fabric panel. This allows for easy attachment, adjustment and removal of panels if required.

Care Instructions

Keep your blinds fresh by regular vacuuming and gently removing dust and dirt. Starting from top left to right, and pushing away towards the bottom of the blind. For a more intense clean, use a rubber sponge to remove dust and residue, or an all-purpose cleaner sprayed onto a dry cloth (not the blinds itself) for spot cleaning soiled areas.



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Make sure you get the right fit for your house, both in terms of size and style, with our free measure and Shop At Home service. A member of our team will visit you in the comfort your own home with pre-agreed sample products and discuss colour options and designs to ensure you achieve a suitable, aesthetic result for your house. The whole family can see product samples in your own light conditions (night or day) and with your décor.

Our blinds are available for the Shop at Home service throughout most major cities in Australia such as Perth, Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. Call us today on 1300 614 797 for a free measure and we will beat any competitors quote – Conditions Apply. Find your nearest store using our Store Locations Finder.



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Currently, our blinds are available in-store or via our Shop at Home service. For more information about choosing and buying the perfect new blinds for your home, check out our detailed Blinds Buying Guide and Frequently Asked Questions, or get in touch with one of our dedicated specialists by calling 1300 614 797. If you have any further questions, find a Carpet Call store near you or enquire online today!


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