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Rugs Frequently Asked Questions | Carpet Call

What are the benefits of rugs?

A room often won’t feel complete without an attractive area rug to ground the space and provide that extra level of comfort. Rugs can offer a range of benefits, including:

  • Warmth: In poorly insulated spaces and areas with chilly hard flooring, rugs can help keep the floor and the room itself warm.
  • Noise reduction: Rugs help absorb sound, making open spaces with hard flooring much quieter.
  • Cosy comfort: Layering rugs on top of hardwood floors, tile or even carpet can provide extra comfort and cushioning with every step.
  • Zoned spaces: Area rugs help tie furniture items and accent pieces together and create separate zones within a larger space.

Aesthetic appeal: Patterned rugs can help establish a colour palette of a room and make various decor elements feel connected.

How big of a rug do I need?

The exact rug size you’ll need will depend on the dimensions and layout of your space. It’s common to select an area rug that’s large enough for your furniture to sit partially or fully on top of the rug. But you may prefer a smaller accent rug that fills up an empty space. For personalised advice on choosing the right size rug, reach out to the Carpet Call team at 1300 502 427.

What should I look for when buying a rug?

Here are some features and factors to keep in mind when picking out a rug for your living area:

  • Rug dimensions: Figure out the size of your room first, so you can be sure to pick out a rug that will fit perfectly.
  • Overall style: Unlike wall-to-wall flooring options that are often chosen for their neutral, versatile appearance, rugs are a great way to add style, colour, pattern and personality to a living space.
  • Cost: Rugs are available at a wide range of price points. Browsing styles in your budget is the best way to find a rug that’s easy on your feet as well as your finances.
  • Satisfaction guarantee: Whether you shop for rugs online or in a store, the one you choose will almost always look a bit different in your own home. That’s why it’s important to look for great customer service and a satisfaction guarantee, in case you need help returning your rug and selecting a new one.

Check out our Rugs Buying Guide for more information.

How do I stop a rug from slipping?

Certain materials like tile and wooden floor planks can cause rugs to slip. Luckily, there’s an easy fix! All you need to do is select a rug underlay in the right size for your rug. This will not only prevent the rug from slipping but can also protect your floor and provide extra cushioning.

What are the most durable rugs?

All-natural wool rugs, synthetic fibres and blends can offer advantages like durability and stain resistance. However, it’s also important to consider the rug construction. For instance, a low, uncut pile rug can be a more resilient choice for high-traffic areas. To find the best combination of longevity, durability and ease of care for your needs, give us a call at 1300 502 427 to speak with a rug specialist.

What if I don't like the rug when I get it home? Can I take rugs home and try them to see which best suits my room?

Yes, we offer an obligation free trial service, we call “24hr home approval” to make sure our customers get the right product. Every customer is different and every home is different, so we feel it is important for you to see our products in your home before you decide on purchasing. This allows you to make a pressure free decision based on what’s right for you. If you come into any one of our stores, this service allows you to take a choice of up to 3 rugs home overnight to see what they look like in your surrounds. Please note: this service is not available over the internet and requires you to leave your credit and contact details.

Why are rugs different prices?

The price will vary depending on the yarn that is used, the time that it takes to make, the way in which it is made, the country it comes from, the size, the finishing and many other factors. Carpet Call directly imports our collection from leading rug manufactures all around the world. This cuts out the middle man so we can pass the saving directly onto our customers.

How easy is this rug to clean?

The cleaning instructions will vary depending on what the rug is made from and how it is made. Please refer to a general guide on how to care and clean your rug in our section on “Rugs Product Care“.

What is the warranty on the rug?

Our Rugs are of the highest quality. All of our rugs have a warranty for manufacturing faults.

Do you match competitors' prices?

Our prices are very competitive, and we are confident we will not be beaten on the price of the same product. If you can find it cheaper elsewhere, we will double the difference with our Price Guarantee

Can I get a rug made?

Carpet Call offers a custom-made program called ME. With ME you can design your very own rug, with your colours, designs (or choose from our bank of designs), size and shape. This is a quality handmade product which will be unique. So, whoever you are, you can be yourself with ME.

Will this rug shed?

Shedding is a natural feature of all spun yarn. Any fibre that is spun (e.g.: wool, viscose, acrylic) will shed. These are the loose fibres within the rug, and with vacuuming will decrease over time. There are many other rugs available that do not shed.

What is meant by contrasting the rug to my decor?

Contrasting can defy the look you’re trying to achieve. Very simply if your furnishings are on the darker side, you would contrast the room with a lighter rug, to give you the look of making the area seem bigger than it actually is. Contrasting can trick the eye, and give you that wow factor!

How much is delivery if I buy rugs online?

Free for rugs under 2.2 metres wide. For rugs over 2.2 metres wide, there is a fixed fee of $60.

Do you have matching runners?

Yes, most of our rug range, in traditional or modern have matching runners. Cut length runners are available in store. Set length runners are available in store and online.

What size rug do I need?

Carpet Call stock all size rugs. There is a world standard of set sizes. These sizes may vary slightly from range to range. To see sizes and room setting sizes in more detail please refer to the rug section of our “buying guide”.

Can I pick up from my closest store if I buy online?

Yes! If you buy online and would prefer to pick up from your nearest store, we will arrange the stock and call you when it is available for pickup.

Do you have this in a larger size?

Carpet Call now stocks a large range of rugs from small rugs to large rugs. We stock the standard world sizes ranging from 80 cm x 140 cm to 3 m x 4 m. Please check on individual rugs ranges online or in store with one of our rug specialists. 

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