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Laminate Flooring Frequently Asked Questions | Carpet Call

Why should I choose laminate flooring in the home and not buy online?

Buying laminate flooring online can present many problems. Buying laminate flooring in a Carpet Call store offers many advantages. You can view the laminate flooring in store and in your home before buying whereas online you are forced to choose from a thumbnail photograph.

See, touch, feel product before you buy Yes No
Measure, sub-floor assessment and quote Yes No
Professionally installed Yes No
DIY Installed Yes Yes
European Quality Product Guaranteed Yes No
Flooring Specials and Promotion Prices Yes Yes
Aftersales contact and service in Australia Yes No

You’ve decided Laminate flooring meets all your needs and are ready to buy. How can you access the different laminate flooring grades and durability online? Who can you ask about warranties and subfloor preparation requirements before buying online? Who can you turn to if the product you purchased online arrives and is not the colour you saw in the photograph online? None of these scenarios are a problem if you purchase from a Carpet Call store. If you want some practical advice on laminate flooring, why not visit your closest Carpet Call flooring showroom or call 1300 502 427.

Can I install laminate flooring myself DIY?

Laminate flooring can be easy to install. It is laid floating not glued using a simple click system, offering a gap free finish after installation. While it may be more cost-effective to install your own laminate flooring consider your time, skill level and warranty expectations before starting. Check out Carpet Call tips for DIY laminate flooring projects below. If you find it overwhelming, book one of our professional laminate flooring installers.

  • Laminate can be installed above wood subfloors and concrete subfloors on any grade level.
  • Parador laminate can be installed over underfloor heating systems that do not exceed surface heat of 28 degrees Celsius.
  • Perform all moisture tests according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. If necessary, install moisture protection above your subfloor.
  • Allow your Parador laminate to acclimatise to the installation environment per manufacturer’s recommendations. This usually means keeping a relative humidity of between 35%–65% for 48 hours within the room.
  • Ensure your subfloor is level and free from all dips or imperfections and scrape your subfloor clean. Use self–levelling compound to level all required areas.
  • If desired, undercut door casings in the installation area.
  • Remove all mouldings and doors.
  • Sweep and vacuum your floor before installing your laminate.
  • Always install safely using the proper safety equipment. Follow all manufacturer safety recommendations.
  • Consider calculating the number of rows of laminate you’ll need to complete your floor.
  • Inspect all boards before you install them. Do not install discoloured or damaged boards. Cut away damaged areas and use the remainder to start rows. Use slightly discoloured boards in pantries or closets where they may not be as noticeable.
  • Always use carbide–tipped saw blades and cut into the prefinished side of the laminate first to avoid chipping the finish.
  • Never hit the laminate flooring directly. Use a tapping block to move the laminate boards into position, when needed.
  • Do all you're cutting in another area to keep the installation area free from sawdust and wood chips.
  • Put tools on a piece of cardboard on top of your laminate so that you do not scratch the surface.
  • Always work from your subfloor NOT your newly installed laminate floor

If you want some practical advice on installing laminate flooring, why not visit your closest Carpet Call flooring showroom or call 1300 502 427.

How is laminate flooring made?

Laminate flooring originated in Europe in the 1970’s. Laminate flooring consists of four key layers designed to withstand the rigours of daily living. All Carpet Call laminates from Parador are constructed using High Density Fibre board (HDF) and layers of several different materials featuring swelling protection.This is how Carpet Call Parador laminate is manufactured in Germany:

  • Top Layer/Wear Layer – The top layer of laminate flooring provides protection and durability. Highly wear resistant top layer made of melamine resin overlay. Easy to clean and long lasting.
  • Decorative Layer – The decorative layer or high–resolution image printed on the surface that gives the floor its appearance. Quality laminates will have a quality print.
  • Core Layer – The centre of the panel which provides its structural durability. The core of quality laminate flooring is made of High Density Fibreboard (HDF); material made of very compact wood fibres and resins. HDF is strong and more durable than MDF.
  • Backing Layer – The bottom layer of the flooring that provides stability and moisture repellent balance to the product. It’s also a protective barrier between the subfloor and the laminate core.

After these layers are created separately, high–pressure machines bond them together to form laminate floor planks. Parador uses a “click and lock.” system allowing Parador laminate floors to be installed without being attached to the subfloor using the floating method.If you want some practical advice on laminate flooring, why not visit your closest Carpet Call flooring showroom or call 1300 502 427.

How will the environment impact the longevity of my Parador laminate flooring?

Laminate is hard to wearing but like any product exposure over time to humidity, dryness or extreme temperature changes can cause your laminate floors to expand and contract. Fortunately, there are ways in which you can reduce these harmful environmental effects and increase the longevity of your floor. Carpet Call recommends taking the following precautions.

Humidity and Temperature

Laminate flooring can handle higher and lower extremes of humidity better than hardwood and bamboo. Carpet Call would avoid installing laminate in rooms such as an unventilated bathroom, wet areas or a laundry. If using an evaporative cooler we strongly advise following manufacturers guidelines and only operate with doors or windows open.


Parador laminate floors come with a surface wear layer designed to prevent fading from sunlight exposure, but you can reduce the effects of sun damage by using window blinds or coverings.If you want some practical advice on installing laminate flooring, why not visit your closest Carpet Call flooring showroom or call 1300 502 427.

What accessories will I need when I am installing laminate flooring?

If you have more than one type of floor in your home such as laminate and carpet it is important that the transition between rooms works well. The right floor accessories can make the transitions between the two flooring types or rooms flawless. The right skirtings and trims help hide floor and wall gaps, while an underlay can reduce indoor sound level and/or protect the floor from moisture damage. Various shapes and decors mean that the profiles are able to be ideally matched to the relevant decor. The patented clip technology on the skirting makes assembly much easier. They are simply pushed onto special clips and can therefore be effortlessly taken back off again. The underlay creates the perfect base for laying your new Parador floor. It compensates for slight uneven places on the subfloor and provides the required moisture protection on sub floors. Special acoustic underlays reduce ambient noise and impact sound, in other words the sound that the floor makes when walking, both in the room itself and the room underneath. That improves the room acoustics and reduces interfering noise. Parador offers an extensive range of high quality underlays, which are ideally suited for different installation situations and purposes. If you want some practical advice on installing laminate flooring, why not visit your closest Carpet Call flooring showroom or call 1300 502 427.

Which is better laminate flooring or timber flooring?

Opinions of consumers are fierce but neither is better than the other. Carpet Call flooring retail consultants will help you to choose a laminate floor or timber floor once they have assessed your lifestyle needs and budget. The latest technology in laminate manufacturing produces some wonderful laminate flooring that looks like real timber flooring and quality laminate flooring reproduces striking timber textures. If you have kids, pets and heavy foot traffic then laminate will suit your needs. If you have a tight budget you will find laminate is cheaper than timber flooring. Remember, it is wise to invest in a quality German laminate with clear warranties rather than a cheaper online product. Drop into one of our Carpet Call stores for a demonstration from our flooring consultants on the benefits and characteristics of both laminate flooring and timber flooring or call us on 1300 502 427 for detailed advice.

How moisture resistant is laminate flooring?

Moisture is the natural enemy of any type of wood. Carpet Call laminate flooring from Parador contains layers of wood fibres and is naturally susceptible to moisture damage from standing water. Mopping up and drying spillages immediately will minimise moisture damage. In most cases, the moisture resistance of a laminate floor is determined by the quality and moisture resistance of the HDF core. The harder the HDF core, the higher the quality of the laminate flooring. For additional moisture protection Carpet Call recommends a superior quality moisture underlay. Drop into one of our Carpet Call stores for a demonstration on how to protect your laminate flooring from moisture damage or call us on 1300 502 427 for detailed advice.

How do I clean my laminate flooring correctly?

When you buy laminate flooring from a Carpet Call flooring store our flooring consultants will offer you a list of tips on how to clean and maintain your laminate floors. Laminate flooring is a fashionable investment in your home. Regular care and cleaning of your laminate floor is essential in maintaining the good looks long term. Maintaining the protective coatings and avoiding moisture or spillages is the key.

What will I need to clean my laminate floors?

  • Broom with soft bristles
  • Vacuum with soft brush attachment
  • Bucket with quality lint free sponge mop

Carpet Call recommends putting some simple things into place to help make cleaning and maintenance of your laminate flooring easier.

  • Place non-rubber protective pads beneath furniture or appliances. Carpet runners in hallways are great
  • Remove shoes in the home. High heel shoes easily damage timber floors with indentations
  • A constant indoor humidity level of about 50 – 65 % relative air humidity is best to preserve the value of and to care for your floor
  • Although fade resistant we recommended windows have blinds or shades applied to minimise the effects heat from sun may have on the laminate structure
  • Remember to re-arrange rugs and furniture periodically so that the effects of sunlight allows floors to age evenly
  • We highly recommend the use of door mats to prevents tracking abrasive grit and dirt into the home which acts just like sandpaper on your floor

Drop into one of our Carpet Call flooring stores for a demonstration from our flooring consultants on how to clean and maintain your laminate floors or call us on 1300 502 427 for detailed advice.

What warranty do I get when I buy laminate flooring?

At Carpet Call we provide comprehensive warranties for our extensive range of laminate flooring products. Your local Carpet Call flooring store can provide details of warranties covering your choice of laminate flooring. Parador offers a 20-year residential warranty giving you peace of mind in the long term. You can create your personalised warranty certificate on the Parador website and print off to store safely with your sales receipt. All Carpet Call manufacturer warranties are subject to general warranty exclusions. Your Carpet Call flooring store will provide a warranty at time of purchase. If you want some practical advice on laminate flooring warranties, why not visit your closest Carpet Call flooring showroom or call 1300 502 427.

Is Parador laminate flooring reputable or cheap and nasty?

Laminate is a hot designer ticket right now but there is no denying laminate flooring has been forced to work off a bad reputation over the last couple of years. Why is this? Cheap online laminate imports have tainted the marketplace. Quality German laminate manufacturers have battled with consumers purchasing lower quality cheap online laminates that have failed to perform in the Australian climate. A reputable established company such as Parador has worked hard to raise the laminate flooring benchmark. Offering quality laminate flooring that performs exactly as promised with an extensive range of designs to meet not only budget but décor style is paying off. Laminate flooring installed professionally, cleaned and maintained as per manufacturers guidelines will perform as promised and that’s why Parador is rapidly becoming Australia’s favourite laminate flooring. If you want some practical advice on laminate flooring, why not visit your closest Carpet Call flooring showroom or call 1300 502 427.

Can Parador laminate be installed over underfloor heating?

Parador Laminate can be installed over a heated slab provided the slab temperature does not exceed 27 °C. The slab should come to equilibrium for 24 hours before laminate installation. Laminate Flooring will act as an insulator, increasing the time initially for underfloor heating to become effective but also prolonging the heating effect after the thermostat cuts out. Installers must read Parador installation guidelines before commencing work. If you want some practical advice on laminate flooring, why not visit your closest Carpet Call flooring showroom or call 1300 502 427.

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