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How to clean a rug and maintain it for long periods

Once you’ve spent time and money finding the perfect rug for your living space, prolonging its lifespan should be a top priority – after all, who wouldn’t want to reap the rewards of a visually appealing living area for as long as possible?

In order to maintain a rug and keep it looking as good as new for years to come, homeowners must adopt a number of rug cleaning tricks and techniques. Thankfully the team at Carpet Call have you covered.

Here are some easy and efficient ways to clean your rug.

General day-to-day cleaning

No matter the size, colour or type, vacuuming can help keep your rug clean and protected from damage. To ensure the best clean possible, it’s important to empty your vacuum cleaner as often as possible. Any loose grit or debris that isn’t collected during hoovering can get trapped between the pile of your rug. Over time, these particles act in an abrasive way, eventually wearing through the base of the fibres and causing them to fall out.

Emptying your vacuum cleaner and checking suction tubes are clear will ensure strong suction is maintained at all times and leftover debris is minimised.

Avoid using a power head or rotary vacuum cleaner as these models can damage the rug and cause fibre shedding.

Cleaning up spills

Accidents happen and sometimes they can have messy consequences. Combat the aftermath of accidental spillages quickly and effectively by having a Carpet Call Amazing absorbent Wonderblock under the sink.

As soon as any liquid is spilled onto your rug, use our Amazing Wonderblock and blot the affected area. Never rub as this can damage the rug’s surface.

Repeat until all liquid has been absorbed and the spillage is clean. Leave your rug to dry before laying it back in place. Voila – good as new!

Removing Stains

For times when a spillage turns into a stain, it’s important you know what to do to ensure you can remove it without having to replace your entire rug.

The fabric of your rug will determine how good it is at repelling stains. For example, man-made fibres are the most repellent whereas natural options may have to be specially cleaned. For this reason, it’s best to avoid internet remedies. Using the wrong substance on the wrong type of material can have disastrous effects and leave your stain looking much worse.

Instead, always seek the advice of a professional, such as the team at Carpet Call. As well as a stunning collection of rugs, all staff have the knowledge to ensure you know how to clean and maintain your desired rug for as long as possible.

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