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The Pros and Cons of engineered timber flooring


Engineered timber flooring is the best alternative to solid hardwood – made from 100 per cent real wood but strategically manufactured for optimum performance as a flooring material. Each plank consists of three layers:

  • A protected, lacquered layer of aesthetic hardwood,
  • A core of plantation-grown sustainable hevea,
  • A backing of pine or spruce.

The specific design of engineered timber means it offers a range of performance benefits over solid hardwood, such as stability and sustainability. Engineered timber floorboards can be incorporated into your home in exactly the same way as any solid hardwood, from basic flooring to feature walls, joinery or countertops.


For more information about engineered timber’s role in the home, visit the Carpet Call timber flooring buying guide now.



This flooring option has a wealth of advantages over traditional solid hardwood.

  • Authentic look and feel: One of the top benefits of engineered timber is that it is often indiscernible from solid hardwood. Being made entirely of real timber, it’s little surprise anyone would be fooled by the appearance and texture of engineered hardwood.
  • Greater stability: The structure and hevea core of engineered timber is specifically designed to mitigate the effects moisture can have on the wood, meaning engineered hardwood is more stable in high-humidity environments.
  • Sustainable production: Made primarily from plantation-grown trees, engineered timber planks are a more sustainable option over slow-growing aesthetic hardwoods.
  • Cost saving: Due to the faster growth rate of trees, engineered timber is often more affordable than solid hardwood. You may also stand to save on installation costs thanks to the simple locking mechanism of floating floorboards.



No flooring is without its considerations. Here’s what you should be aware of if you’re considering engineered timber.

  • Cost considerations: While more cost-effective than solid hardwood, your savings can vary and engineered timber is not cheaper than laminate or vinyl timber-look alternatives.



Here at Carpet Call, we stock a great range of engineered timber flooring at different price points to ensure there’s something for everyone. You can even shop our selection online right now.

  • Trendtime 24 Long Board: These extra long and wide timber planks create untold depth and luxury in any home.
  • Cezanne: For an unpretentious vibe, these single strip planks are contemporary and casual.
  • Colours Wide Board: This oak range is available in a broad variety of colours, with accent grading to promote a rustic feel.
  • Our most cost-effective option, the distressed hevea surface adds character to any space through its uniquely rich patina, as well as great stability.
  • Outback: Immutably Australian in style, these planks offer high shine and glowing warmth.

Engineered timber is a fantastic choice for any home seeking the warmth and beauty of natural hardwood, without the same investment. Its pros heavily outweigh its cons, and designs are only getting more intelligent.

For more information about getting engineered timber flooring in your home drop by your nearest Carpet Call today to speak with a hard flooring expert.

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