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The Cost of Carpet Installation

To help you budget for your project, we’ve broken down the costs associated with acquiring and installing new carpet, as well as outlining how to save money.

What costs are involved in carpet installation?

How much you pay to have carpet installed can vary hugely depending on how you go about it. Here’s a breakdown of some potential costs:

  • Carpet supply: Of course, your chosen carpet comes at a cost. You have a lot of control here, as carpet can range from $20 per square metre or as much as $200+ for top-quality
  • Carpet removal: If you’re replacing carpet, this can incur an additional fee. Be sure to discuss this during your in-home consultation.
  • Furniture removal: Likewise, some installers may charge to move furniture – you might consider doing this yourself to save money.
  • Subfloor preparation: Your subfloor needs to be clean, flat and even to ensure a quality installation. This is often incorporated into the per-square-metre cost of carpet laying, but may be charged separately.
  • Underlay: Most quotes include carpet underlay, but you should ask for a full itemised quote to be sure.
  • Carpet laying: According to, the average price of carpet installation in Australia is $35 per Some installers may charge extra to lay more delicate carpets, due to the additional care required.
  • Stairs: You should expect any stairs to be quoted separately, and often at a higher cost than the rest of your floor.

Based on the average Australian home size of 189.8 square metres (according to CommSec), installation throughout the whole home may cost around $6643. Stairs, carpet removal, furniture moving and delicate carpet fibres may inflate this cost.


Carpet installation needs to be left to the professionals – so how can you save money?



Here at Carpet Call, we’re proud to offer a huge range of beautiful carpets and competitive installation costs.

Our process begins with a free in-home measure and quote. One of our flooring experts will visit your home at an agreed upon time, with a number of carpet samples. This allows you to see the carpet in the space it will live in, helping you make the best decision. Our specialist will then talk to you about the installation, running through every cost you’ll need to consider to ensure you understand where your money’s going and how you can get the most out of it.

When installed properly, your carpet can last decades. With the assurance of Carpet Call’s in-home consultation, you’ll love your carpet for its entire lifetime. Call Carpet Call on 1300 502 427 to book a visit, or come in-store to discuss costs and installation in detail with an expert.

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