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A classic flooring choice, carpet is soft, durable and extremely comfortable and can make any room instantly look warmer and more inviting. Carpets are available in an almost limitless combination of colours, styles and textures, and can easily brighten or soften your entire décor as you please.

At Carpet Call we are proud to deliver an incredible range of carpet products, from all our stores around Australia. Shop for carpets in Brisbane, the Gold Coast, Sydney, Melbourne and Perth, and take advantage of our free home measure and quote where you can view samples of your chosen carpets in your own home before deciding which one you want.

Visit your nearest Carpet Call store or give us a call on 1300 502 427 to arrange your in-home visit!

The only place where you should select and buy carpet is in the rooms where it will be installed.

Carpet will always look different in your home compared to when you see it in-store, which is why it’s vital that you view carpet samples in the rooms where you want it installed before you make your choice. The lighting in your home, both natural and artificial, as well as your interior colour scheme, can all have an effect on the way the colour of the carpet appears.

This is why we are proud to provide a free in-home measure and quote, which allows you to see all your chosen carpet samples in your own home and lighting conditions. Not only does it make it much easier to match your décor and colours without any guess work, but our experienced flooring salesperson can also give you the right advice after seeing the rooms as well as discuss installation methods, placement of joins, and anything else relevant to your carpet installation.

So choose your brand new carpets and get a complete measure and quote at the same time, by taking advantage of this fantastic service exclusively from Carpet Call.

Start by trying out our innovative Room Visualiser to get an idea of the available colours, styles and carpet fibres. Then drop into your local Carpet Call store in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, the Gold Coast or Perth to see our full range of carpets in person, choose your samples and book your free home measure and quote with one of our dedicated flooring specialists.

Choosing Your Carpet: Styles and Textures

Carpets and carpet rugs are designed and manufactured in a range of styles to provide different appearances and textures.

Level Loop Pile

This kind of carpet or rug is made of level loops of the same height, which are not cut. Carpets or floor rugs made in this style are particularly hard wearing and easy to clean, making it a popular style for most commercial polypropylene carpets. Level loop carpets are less likely to crush or leave tracking marks, providing a more consistent looking floor. This style of carpet can be found in our Stevens Bremmer or Studio Line ranges.

Multi-Level Loop Pile

Multi-level loop carpets are manufactured to provide a sculptured appearance, and different loop heights can be used to create some beautiful, modern pattern designs such as diamonds, squares and circles within the carpet surface. This style of carpet or floor rug is easy to care for and looks fantastic. It can also be found in our Stevens Bremmer or Studio Line ranges.

Cut Pile

Cut pile carpet is the most common carpet used in Australian homes, and is one of the most appealing styles. Cut pile carpets and floor rugs can either be the velvet plush pile or the chunkier twist pile, and while this style of carpet is characteristically known for shading and retention of footprints, choosing the twist pile rather than the velvet plush pile can reduce these effects. Cut pile carpets can be found in our Stevens Bremmer, Prestigious, Inspiration, Studio Line, Georgian and American Phildalphia ranges.

TIP Sheared Pile

This style is achieved by producing a multi-level loop pile carpet and shearing the high loops, effectively producing a cut pile amongst loops. The pile surface is level and produces a smooth, luxurious finish. Its added texture, patterns and colour can conceal footprints, stains and dirt, making them a great choice for rooms that get a lot of foot traffic.

Cut & Loop

This particular style can also be known as “high low” carpet, and is made up of predominantly cut pile with lines or sculptures of loop pile. This extra texture has the ability to disguise marks and soiling much better than a plain cut pile. Cut & loop carpets and floor rugs are known to have patches or blotches of colour with distinct lines throughout the carpet. This style can be found in our premium carpet range, Axminster.

Axminster and Wilton Wool

Axminster and Wilton wool carpets are among the highest quality of carpets in the world. Axminster wool carpets in particular are known for their bold patterns, colours and long life expectancy. Woven mainly from wool, this style of carpet comes in a huge range of beautiful patterns and colours and is wonderfully soft and luxurious to walk on.

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