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The Best Modern Carpet Trends

Whatever the reason you’re thinking of recarpeting, take a look at these upcoming carpet trends.


It’s time to lose your inhibitions about statement colours and patterns – bold is the new black.

Though flooring was once expected to only be a neutral backdrop for the rest of your space, selecting a statement carpet to live in an otherwise muted colour palette allows the flooring to become the star of your room.

Consider vibrant carpet colours like oranges and purples, or multi-coloured patterns as the focal flooring of a small space. This trend works today, because carpet is less commonly a whole-home flooring solution and can instead be used to create interest and variety in your design.


You can also be bold with patterns – think about animal print. While you might think of the 70s and 80s, animal print is making a comeback in modern decor. However, it’s not your regular leopard or zebra, but fawn or antelope prints that are now stealing the show. This slightly muted pattern lets you push the envelope with your decor while still holding onto a certain gentleness that more common carpet styles might have.


Not convinced about bold carpet? Your decor changes don’t have to be permanent. Instead, opt for layering area rugs or carpet runners over hard flooring.

With hard floors gaining popularity in recent times, homeowners may come to miss the cosiness of carpet. Furthermore, wall-to-wall statement carpets may feel too busy or lose relevance over time. So, if you’re hesitant to lay loud carpet, look to our massive selection of trendy and bold rugs.



Rugs let you place those bold carpet colours and patterns more strategically, giving you total control over your flooring design. You can even take that one step further by working with the team at Carpet Call to design your very own custom rug. You can choose a carpet colour, construction, texture, pattern, shape and size or have our professionals create a design around your ideas, then have your rug finished within 12 weeks.


All that said, maybe you’re just not one for bold decor, or the house you’re carpeting isn’t suited to such personal design decisions. That’s okay – neutrals will never go out of style.



If you’re going neutral in 2019, it’s time to look beyond the beige and adopt the use of grey. Any and all shades of grey are a fantastic choice for a neutral backdrop. In addition to being eternally stylish, grey carpet colours set a cool, contemporary tone for your space, making way for just about any decorating colour palette.

A charcoal carpet, for example, will make aqua or green accents pop just as well as trendy brass or moody jewel tones.


Sustainability is another carpet trend that is growing in popularity among homeowners. With a growing focus on the environment, more consumers are starting to consider sustainable plant-based carpets for their homes.

Sisal carpets, made from a succulent called Agave Sisalana, and other naturally occurring fibres are made using renewable sources. For example, sisal fibres are harvested from large plantation-grown succulents in Tanzania. Each leaf contains about 1,000 fibres, and the rest of the plant is used to feed farm animals or produce electricity.



Natural fibres also emit fewer volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which can be harmful to the environment, and are naturally biodegradable so won’t become a permanent part of landfill when the carpet is replaced.

Another great benefit of natural fibres is their inherent neutral tone. These fibres are perfect for anyone looking for a bohemian style home, especially combined with traditional Middle-Eastern rugs to soften the coarse texture of sisal.


Playing with textures is an easy way to add slightly more subtle character to your home. Two carpet textures in particular are carpet trends holding designers’ and homeowners’ attentions this year: cut and loop, and frieze.



Cut and loop

Exactly what it sounds like – the combination of both cut and looped carpet construction. Using this method, carpets can feature different pile lengths and textures, allowing for both subtle visual interest and underfoot variation. Like bold patterns, this textural variance is best suited to feature areas rather than whole-home carpeting.


Also known as twist, Frieze is a stripped-back version of iconic 70s shag. While shag faded out due to its high maintenance requirements and fast treading, frieze finds the perfect middle ground between a luxurious deep pile and durability. Its cosy appearance and feel makes frieze suitable for the entire home.


It’s time we did away with the idea that you either have carpet or hard floors. Instead, utilise both flooring options to really make the most of your design options.



Carpeting unique areas such as staircases or alcoves – perhaps around a bay window – adds both style and function. Creatively carpeted stairs can grab the attention of guests arriving in your home, as well as reduce the risk of slipping on the way up or down. Meanwhile, a carpeted alcove can provide the perfect place to curl up and read a book, surrounded by plush comfort.


Take a look at the carpet in your home – are you noticing signs of age or dated styles? It could be time to recarpet your home.

Carpet Call is the largest flooring retailer in Australia, and with over 40 years of experience in the industry we’re well-equipped to help you reimagine your home. Book a free measure to see how the different carpet styles we have available can transform your space.

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