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8 colour meanings to help you choose the perfect rug

Colour is a very important form of non-verbal communication that defines the energy and emotion of the environment it is in. You should choose a rug with a colour scheme that effectively communicates the style and energy you want to express in your room, so that you can create a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere throughout your home.
Whether that’s bright and spacious in your lounge, warm and cosy in your bedroom or professional and focused in your home office. What colour you choose can make the room you’re in.

That’s why we’ve created this helpful guide on colour and the emotions it can convey to us both consciously and subconsciously. Below is the meaning behind 8 different popular colours to help you choose a rug that fits perfectly with you and your home.



Red – the colour of action, energy and passion. It is strong and intense, and being surrounded by the colour red can actually enhance your metabolism, energise you and motivate you to take action. Red is a warm and positive colour that is associated with love, confidence and vitality. It stirs powerful and ambitious energies that can awaken physical movement, give confidence to those lacking willpower, and stimulate decision-making abilities.

Red is such a powerful and unique colour that you can use different shades of red to express different emotions;
Light red signifies joy and passion, dark red represents willpower and courage, and maroon signifies stability and strength.


“Make a beautifully bold statement with a solid red rug with accents or choose a rug with accents or highlights of red for something a bit more subtle.”



Yellow has a radiant, cheerful energy that will brighten up any room in the house. It is the colour of joy, intelligence and illumination. The colour yellow relates to knowledge and it connects with the left or logic side of the brain, which can inspire thought and clarity of the mind, and stimulate mental agility and perception.

Yellow is the perfect colour to highlight or accentuate certain parts of a room or to add a pop of colour.

“Add life and brightness to any room with a yellow rug.”



The charismatic orange brings together the passion of red and the joy of yellow, creating a warm, invigorating and stimulating energy. It represents success, inspiration and optimism, and helps produce emotional strength and a positive outlook. Orange can also increase the oxygen supply to the brain and help stimulate the appetite.

“Invite the enthusiasm of orange into your home with a cheerful orange rug.”



Green is the colour of balance and harmony. It is the perfect fusion of the cheerfulness of yellow and the confidence of blue, resulting in a feeling of tranquillity and safety. It signifies growth and endurance and has a healing ability to renew and restore energy levels and bring about a sense of wellbeing.

Use different shades of green to express different energies throughout your home: Olive green signifies peace and serenity, dark green represents ambition and growth, and aqua is associated with emotional healing and protection.


“Invite tranquillity and comfort into your home with a green rug, and feel centred and fresh.”



The colour blue has a calming effect. It soothes and quietens, and is associated with peace and physical and mental relaxation. It represents confidence, security and sincerity. Blue is a wise, safe and faithful colour that can reduce stress and create an atmosphere of calmness, relaxation and order.


Light blue evokes healing, tranquillity and understanding. Dark blue signifies knowledge, power and integrity.

“Create a safe haven in your home and welcome a blue rug into an area where you want to relax and unwind.”



Purple is wise, peaceful and spiritual. A colour that combines the calmness and stability of blue and the passion and energy of red. It inspires reflection and connection, stimulating the imagination and expanding your awareness. The introspective purple signifies the union of the body and mind, inspiring mental balance, stability and peace of mind.

Often associated with royalty, purple is a grand and luxurious colour that brings about romantic and nostalgic feelings.

“Create a peaceful space in your home with a beautiful purple rug.”



The colour black is sophisticated and mysterious, it is associated with power, style and class. Strongly related to power, authority and independence. Black stimulates perspective and depth, and provides protection from external emotional stress by absorbing negative energies.

An elegant black rug will add refinement and formality to your home. Pair with white for a contemporary edge or soften your look with pale and neutral colours.

“Add style to your room with one of our black rugs.”



The pure and peaceful white represents innocence and simplicity, and creates a sense of safety and security. The colour of perfection, wholeness and completion white helps with reflection, growth and creativity. White is associated with encouragement and protection, and can provide an atmosphere of peace and comfort and create a sense of order.

By teaming white with black you can bring elegance and sophistication into your home, or pair white with spots of colour for an interesting and eye-catching look.

“Complete any room with elegance and perfection by adding a white rug.”


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