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Timber Flooring or Carpet: Which is the Better Bedroom Flooring Option?

However, these two factors only form a small proportion of the decision-making process. Of the remaining considerations, the style of flooring is ultimately the most important.

If you’re looking to introduce a new type of flooring into your bedroom, you’re probably stuck between two common choices: Timber flooring or carpet?

Which bedroom flooring choice is right for you?


 For years, timber flooring has been recognised as one of the most premium floor choices around. Perfectly blending style and substance, it’s easy to see why so many homeowners choose to incorporate it into many areas of the home, with the bedroom being no exception.


  • Great aesthetic appeal: Despite changes in times and trends, timber flooring has never gone out of style. It’s regarded as the most timeless flooring option around due to its ability to complement a diverse range of colour and decor schemes.
  • High durability: No matter the tree type, all varieties of timber flooring are engineered to withstand a variety of demands, including those found in a bathroom.
  • Ease of maintenance: A simple sweep and mop now and again is all it takes to keep your timber flooring looking good for years to come.


  • Higher expense: Timber flooring is often more expensive than other flooring counterparts. However, when taking into account its longevity and timeless appeal, many feel it’s more cost effective in the long run.
  • Creaking: It’s natural for floorboards to creak now and again, and sometimes this noise, along with footsteps, can disperse in rooms down below.


Bring a dose of style and sophistication into your bedroom with timber flooring.



 For years, carpet has dominated the bedroom due to its undeniable comfort and warmth. Here’s everything you should consider before using carpet in your own bedroom.


  • Unbeatable comfort: No matter the fabric or style, it’s hard to beat the comfort of a carpet – especially when walking barefoot in a bedroom!
  • Great insulation: Carpet is one of the best insulating materials around in terms of sound and heat. This is great for the colder months and eliminating noise when walking around the house.
  • Wide variety: From traditional to contemporary, bold to subdued, the array of carpet colours and styles knows no bounds. This makes finding the perfect carpet for your style incredibly easy.


  • More upkeep: Unlike timber flooring, carpet requires a little more upkeep. Carpet fibres are known to trap debris and allergens, so homeowners must vacuum frequently to avoid indoor air quality issues.
  • Hard to fix: Unlike timber flooring, carpeting can easily stain or incur damage. If so, it’s not easy to fix either. Instead, carpets may need completely removing and replacing which is both costly and inconvenient.

Carpet adds instant comfort and warmth to a bedroom space.


After reviewing the advantages and disadvantages of both timber flooring and carpet, you should hopefully have a clearer idea of which flooring option is best suited to your bedroom. If you’d like to find out more, pop into your local Carpet Call branch and chat to a flooring specialist.


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