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How to choose window blinds and shades

Practical, durable and stylish, blinds & shutters are a fantastic choice for all sized windows in your home or office. Offering complete light control, privacy, longevity and plenty of design versatility, they will add minimalist sophistication and elegance to your space with their sleek, clean lines and high quality fabrics.

At Carpet Call we have a large range of custom-made blinds and shutters which can be manufactured to your exact design specifications, to ensure a smooth and perfect fit. We can also deliver professional blind and shutter installation services through our sales consultants so that you can be confident in smooth, reliable operation and optimum performance.

Buy blinds & shutters from Carpet Call today and find the perfect match for your property.

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Our stunning selection of blinds are available in many styles, colours and fabrics to give you complete design freedom.

To help you choose what type of Blinds will be most suited to your home, use our complete Blinds buying guide.


Blinds come in three main types of fabrics ranging from sun-screening to black-out, enabling you to choose your opacity based on what you want to achieve with your room. Sun-screening fabrics are the most transparent, and give you heat and light control while still maintaining your view outside. They are great for rooms that get a lot of sun, as they can also significantly reduce glare. Sheer, translucent fabrics will filter light, reduce heat and screen out harsh glare. These are more-opaque than sun-screening blinds and are ideal if you are looking for increased privacy but still want light to filter through. Black-out fabrics give you the highest level of privacy and room darkening, both day and night. This makes them perfect for rooms that you want to keep completely dark, like bedrooms, TV rooms and home theatre rooms.


You can buy blinds and shutters from Carpet Call in a wide array of colours to suit any interior décor and existing colour scheme. They can be matched to your wall paint for a seamless and almost invisible transition, or can add bold contrast in strong, block colours. Think about the overall look you are going for and choose a colour to match. Darker colours will make a room warmer and cosier, while lighter colours will make a room appear more open and airy.


Choosing a fabric with discreet patterns or intricate detail can bring a subtle, decorative design element to your room. We have a range of interesting textures and consistencies available that can also add character to your space, and work hand in hand with your personal style to enhance your existing décor.


If your windows are quite large or unusually shaped, or you want to custom design your own style, we can offer custom-made roller blinds to your exact measurements and in the colour and pattern of your choice.


Blinds can feature a number of different smooth and reliable operating systems including chain drive, spring assisted and fully motorized, depending on the style of blinds you choose. All systems are unobtrusive, practical and easy to use, and give you quick and convenient control over the positioning of your blinds. Just contact Carpet Call today on 1300 614 797, and we’ll get right back to you.


At Carpet Call all our blinds & shutters are designed and manufactured to meet our high quality standards and comply with all Australian safety regulations. However, if you have young children at home, it is highly advised that you take extra precautions to keep them safe around the pull cords and chains on blinds, which can cause injury or strangulation if they get a hold of them. Minimise risk by keeping all cords and chains out of their reach, and making sure all children’s beds, cots, highchairs and playpens are positioned away from any windows that are fitted with blinds. We also recommend that you always supervise children when they are in a room with blind chains or cords.