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The Cost of Window Shutters

On average, window shutters cost around $1000 or supply and installation, according to

It’s true enough that shutters are among the more expensive treatments, but the right choices can ensure you stick to budget. So if you’re after this timeless feature for your home or office, how can you mitigate the price of window shutters?


Window shutters can be installed inside your home or on the exterior of the building. Interior plantation-style shutters are popular in warm countries, including here in Australia. These styles have wide louvre blades to allow great control over light, visibility and airflow. Interior shutters are typically custom-built to fit each window, including unique shapes such as arches, portholes and rake windows. They may also be more difficult to install than exterior shutters, however, so can incur greater costs.

Meanwhile, exterior shutters have a wide range of uses, including protecting window glass during storms in tropical countries and adding historical character to your home’s facade. Decorative shutters are often inoperable, affixed to your home’s cladding and without adjustable louvres. Note that tougher cladding like brick or cement may increase exterior shutter installation costs.

How do window shutter materials affect the price?

The price of your shutters can vary greatly by the material you choose. Here at Carpet Call, we provide shutters made from timber PVC and aluminium.

PVC window shutters: These will cost about $300 per square metre. Being moisture-resistant, flame-retardant and termite-proof, PVC window shutters are the most low-maintenance and cost-effective option.

Timber window shutters: Wooden shutters are at the pinnacle of style, offering natural beauty and warmth as well as a truly authentic country feel. They will cost $350-450 per square metre, depending on the type of wood.

Aluminium window shutters: Perfect for weathering all conditions, aluminium shutters are ideal for outdoor use. Expect these to cost $350-$450 per square metre.

Take a look at the Carpet Call window shutters buying guide for more information on materials.


You should expect to pay more, the more detailed or dynamic your window shutter styles are. For example, sliding and bifold shutters typically cost more than a standard frame shutter, as there is a greater level of mechanical engineering involved.


Installation of window shutters can cost between $80-$100 per m2. It can be tempting to DIY it to save money, however improperly installed shutters may create greater headaches and additional costs in the future. Talk to your window shutters retailer about their installation options, as these can often be incorporated into the sale price and help you save money.

Here at Carpet Call, we have a great range of shutter styles and materials that can installed on any windows in your home – browse our range online now.

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