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Luxury Vinyl Floorboards: The Best in Bathroom Flooring?


If you’re looking to give your bathroom a makeover, consider vinyl flooring options. Modern luxury vinyl floorboards (LVP) have taken the functional benefits of vinyl for the bathroom floor and reinvented their appearance, creating excellent visual appeal.

In this article, we’ll discuss:

  • The history of vinyl flooring
  • What are luxury vinyl floorboards?
  • Why are vinyl floorboard planks perfect for the bathroom?

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Beginning use as a flooring material in the 1930s, vinyl might be familiar to you. This material has undergone significant developments throughout history. Gaining popularity first as a commercial flooring option due to its strong resilience in high-traffic areas and flame retardant qualities, vinyl was often seen in shops, offices or medical practices. By the 1960s, vinyl flooring technology developed to have minimal maintenance requirements and feature better underfoot comfort, making it second only to carpet for the home.

Enter the 1970s, when the first vinyl planks entered the market. Made of vinyl and designed to look like wooden floorboards, these planks reimagined vinyl flooring as a strong aesthetic option for homeowners. Today, vinyl plank technology has progressed to the point that most flooring options in this material are considered luxury vinyl floorboards.


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LVP are high-end, attractive and extremely functional. These vinyl planks mimic the appearance and texture of natural timber using a photographic surface layer and special treatments. Vinyl floorboards are generally made of three layers:

  1. Backing layer:

    This is the bulk of the floorboard, made of a thick plastic (vinyl) that is flexible and comfortable underfoot.

  2. Photographic layer:

    A photorealistic print, usually designed to mimic natural timber or stone.

  3. Wear layer:

    Carpet Call’s vinyl planks all feature top quality, hard wearing layers designed to withstand scratches, staining and heavy use.

Best of all, LVP planks are 100 percent moisture resistant- which you can learn more about in Carpet Call’s vinyl flooring buying guide.


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Vinyl flooring is one of the best options for bathrooms. While stone or ceramic tiles are the traditional choice, vinyl flooring offers higher performance at a lower price point, making it the superior option. The key benefits of vinyl flooring in your bathroom are:

  • Visual appeal:

    There’s no need to sacrifice the style of your bathroom – vinyl planks mimic the beautiful appearance of stone or timber according to your preference. Many also feature the same underfoot texture.

  • Moisture resistance:

    Timber flooring looks timeless and elegant in a bathroom, but it isn’t always stable enough due to fluctuating moisture levels in the wettest room of the home. Vinyl planks are completely impervious to moisture, meaning you enjoy the style of timber with no risk of warping.

  • Slip protection:

    Vinyl planks are available in unique finishes, including non-slip options, such as the Gerflor PureClean sand finish, available on select Carpet Call vinyl planks.

  • Simple installation:

    As a floating floor, vinyl planks can be installed over any subfloor in your bathroom. They are also softer than tiles and can be more easily cut to size as required.

  • Cost effective:

    High quality tiles can cost as much as $165 per square metre, according to Open Agent. Carpet Call’s most expensive luxury vinyl floorboards are as cheap as $65 per square metre – an enormous difference!

Here at Carpet Call, we stock a diverse range of flooring options, ensuring there’s something for everybody. If you’re interested in vinyl flooring for your bathroom, browse our range online or pop in to your nearest store to speak with an expert.


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