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FAQ Vinyl Flooring FAQ

When you buy vinyl flooring from a Carpet Call flooring store our flooring consultants will offer you a list of tips on how to clean and maintain your vinyl flooring. Regular cleaning will maintain the look and extend the life of your vinyl flooring. Looking after vinyl is easy. For regular maintenance use a vacuum cleaner, a soft broom or damp mop. Clean with luke warm water containing a mild detergent (do not use linseed oil-based detergents). Twenty fours after vinyl is installed, you should wash the surface with a mixture of warm water and the manufacturer’s recommended floor care product. This should then be rinsed off thoroughly with warm water. Once dry, repeat the process with damp mop and the manufacturer’s recommended floor care product. After this initial wash, the only maintenance required is to sweep daily and damp mop or vacuum once a week. Once or twice a year if your flooring is subject to heavy use thoroughly clean the floor using a nylon brush and water containing detergent polish the floor with a self-shine emulsion for a bright finish.   Act quickly with any stain using the correct method according to the type of stain:

  • Clean rust with an antirust liquid or oxalic acid.
  • For Ink, tomato juice, mustard, blood, urine: use diluted bleach. 30 volume peroxide with a few drops of ammonia or alcohol vinegar works well. Soak for a few minutes without rubbing and then rinse.
  • Grease, paint, texta, petrol, alcohol, rubber marks: rub with pure detergent and then rinse.
Avoid using the following
  • Solvent wax, varnish, black soap, linseed oil-based products, acetone, trichloroethylene
  • Abrasive powders or pads
  • Rubber caps on your chairs or furniture stain your flooring, replace them with plastic ones
Drop into one of our Carpet Call flooring stores for a demonstration from our flooring consultants on how to clean and maintain your vinyl flooring or call us on 1300 502 427 for detailed advice.

All Carpet Call manufacturer warranties are subject to general warranty exclusions. All vinyl flooring warranties are extended to the original purchaser of the sheet vinyl and are non-transferable. The warranty is solely for the domestic indoor use of the product in an owner occupied single-family private residence. The warranty only applies to first quality products and is not applicable to products sold as seconds, irregulars, shorts lengths or used. Products must be properly installed in accordance with AS1884-2012. Failure to appropriately install the product and to provide such care could void all or part of the warranty coverage. Product also requires routine maintenance, and should be properly maintained in accordance with the recommendations described in this brochure Failure to follow these recommendations can affect performance and visual aesthetics of the sheet vinyl flooring. Carpet Call will provide your specific product warranty upon installation. We strongly advise you keep your sales receipt and warranty together should you need it in the future. Please call us on 1300 502 427 for further advice or visit your local Carpet Call flooring store.

The lighting at your Carpet Call flooring store will vary to that in your home. Our free home measure and flooring quote service allow you to view samples of vinyl flooring in your own home before making a choice. Downlights, lamps and bulbs can change the colour and appearance of any vinyl flooring you viewed in a flooring retail store. Natural light in your home can affect the colour appearance of your vinyl flooring. As the seasons change and sun filled natural light of summer gives way to duller levels of natural light in winter you will note a change in the colour and appearance of your vinyl flooring. If you are painting your walls as part of a home renovation project you should consider the affect it may have on your vinyl flooring. Gloss painted walls will reflect light more so than matt paint and this certainly give a varying colour results in the room. Drop into one of our Carpet Call flooring stores for a demonstration on how different lighting conditions can change the colour and appearance of your vinyl flooring or call us on 1300 502 427 to book a free home measure and flooring quote service. We strongly advise you to only make the final choice on and purchase of your vinyl flooring only once a sample is viewed in the lighting of your home.  

Natural timber floors are a great way to give your home a modern, sophisticated look whilst increasing the value of your home to prospective buyers. If you don’t have the budget to spend on timber flooring consider vinyl flooring that looks like wood. Gerflor and Pegulan manufacture vinyl flooring that looks like wood and an authentic grain that looks completely authentic. You can choose vinyl flooring in every colour and style – from oak to walnut, wide plank to single plank, gloss or matt.

Vinyl flooring that looks like wood is much easier to clean than actual timber flooring. It doesn’t need any waxing, any polishing, or any special cleaners. A traditional mop and bucket will work effectively on vinyl flooring. Vinyl flooring is a great solution for rooms where natural timber flooring isn’t an option such as a kitchen or bathroom. Small amounts of moisture can make natural timber flooring warp. Vinyl flooring that looks like wood is a much more durable product. It can hold its own against spills, drops, and heavy foot traffic. Many customers install genuine natural timber in the low-traffic areas and install vinyl flooring that looks like wood for other high traffic and wet areas.

Vinyl flooring and laminate are both affordable and they are both designed to look like high-end flooring. So which one dominates the laminate vs. vinyl flooring debate? After all, choosing the right flooring is just as important as the paint you put on your walls, the appliances you install, and the finish on the cabinets you choose. Vinyl flooring has a more extensive range than laminate offering vinyl plank designs, vinyl tile designs with an extensive colour and pattern range. Vinyl flooring has greater design variety coming in vinyl sheets, vinyl timber plank design, and vinyl ceramic tile design. Vinyl flooring can withstand water and heat making it the perfect choice for kitchens, bathrooms, and garages. Many vinyl flooring products are specifically designed to be “non-slip” with a slip rating in some of the premium designs.

Did you know how eco-friendly vinyl flooring is! The most common and most durable vinyl flooring is made out of recycled vinyl materials. Vinyl is one of the only building materials that is 100% recyclable. Unlike other plastics, it can be endlessly recycled into new products and materials adding value throughout its long life. Our manufacturers Gerflor and Pegulan inform us that 100% of their manufacturing waste is recycled and manufactured into interlayers or backing for new products. Gerflor ensures no heavy metals, no solvent based inks, no formaldehydes, and no PCP and components rated as carcinogenic are used in manufacturing of their vinyl flooring products. Vinyl flooring is resistant to fire, does not help fire spread, does not release toxic gases like chloride (Cl2) and has far less carbon monoxide (CO) than any other type of flooring.

Vinyl flooring can be pretty tough. It can look its best for years if you look after it. However vinyl isn’t completely indestructible. It can fall victim to scratches, tears and holes. Don’t let a little bit of damage ruin your décor. Vinyl flooring repair can be an easy DIY project. Always check your manufacturer warranty as your minor damage may be covered. Keep an additional length of your sheet vinyl in your garage. This can be used to replace any damaged area of vinyl flooring. From time to time depending upon climatic conditions and floor traffic, loose seams can pop up. Apply vinyl adhesive to secure the loose area. Carpet Call always recommends checking with a professional vinyl installer as they have the knowledge and skills to repair your vinyl flooring correctly. Consider the cost of replacing your vinyl flooring if you make a mistake.

Pegulan collection has a revolutionary, patented surface protection called EXTREME®. Made from ultra-hard diamond like particles it offers far greater resistance to staining and scuffing over conventional vinyl flooring. This protection is backed up with a 20 year warranty from Pegulan. EXTREME® is available in the following Pegulan ranges

  • Apollo
  • Argo TX
  • Life TX
  • Boutique
Gerflor offers a new generation surface finish called PureClean. With 3 different finishes it is an easy maintenance polyurethane surface treatment creating a barrier against dirt and bacteria whilst highly resistant to scuffs and scratches. There are 3 different finishes
  • Matt offering a low sheen finish
  • Sand which offers an R10 slip rating for maximum safety
  • Grain designed to give structure to tile grout lines and wood grains for a more textured look

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