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Once you have purchased your new rug you will want to keep it in the best possible condition. Following a few simple rules on care and maintenance will enable you to do this.

Vacuuming will remove dust and loose particles from rugs. It is the latter that damage and create wear in your rugs. Any small grit will fall between the pile and unless removed will act in an abrasive way, eventually wearing through the base of the fibres and causing them to fall out. Make sure that your vacuum cleaner is emptied as often as possible and that the suction tubes are always clear, this will ensure that strong suction is maintained at all times. The suction may occasionally lift a tuft above the pile. If this occurs you should snip off the protruding tuft level with the pile, using a pair of sharp scissors. Do not attempt to pull the tuft out. Do not use power head or rotary vacuum cleaners.

Rugs should be protected from direct sunlight as even the most modern synthetic dyes can fade if subjected to the direct rays of the sun for any prolonged period.

All rugs in your home should be reversed every few months. This helps to distribute the wear and will help the rugs to maintain their appearance for a longer period.

If your rug becomes dull or is exceptionally dirty we recommend you get it professionally cleaned. Rugs should be dry cleaned only.

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