Buying Guide Awnings Buying Guide

Extend your outdoor living spaces with an outdoor awning solution. Offering light control, privacy and protection from the elements, they will enhance your outdoor space with their stylish, yet practical finish.

At Carpet Call our sales consultants are able to design specialised awnings according to your requirements and will advise you regarding what style and fabrics would be most suitable. We can also deliver professional awning installation services through our sales consultants so that you can be confident in a solution that suites your needs.

Buy awnings from Carpet Call today and find the perfect match for your property.

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Choosing Your Awnings

Our stunning selection of awnings are available in many different styles, colours and fabrics to enhance any home, or business.


Awning fabrics come in three main types of fabrics ranging from sun-screening to black-out, enabling you to choose your opacity based on what you want to achieve. Our fabrics are sourced from premium weavers and mills around the world to ensure they last in Australia’s harsh climate.

Sun-screening fabrics are transparent, and give you heat and light control while still maintaining your view outside. They are great for rooms that get a lot of sun, as they can also significantly reduce glare.

Canvas fabrics is the ideal way to shield your home from the extreme conditions of nature, ensuring significantly cooler interior room temperatures in summer. This makes them perfect for rooms that you want to keep cool on those hot summer days.

Clear PVC provide protection from the elements without obstructing your view. Exclusively used in our cost effective Veranda/Patio style awnings.


You can buy awnings from Carpet Call in a wide array of colours and patterns to compliment your interior and exterior décor and existing colour scheme. Hood boxes can be matched to your wall paint for a seamless and almost invisible transition, or can add bold contrast in strong, block colours.

Think about the overall look you are going for and choose a colour to match. Darker Sun-screen colours will allow a clearer view through them, while lighter colours reduce visibility due to glare.


Our awnings solutions are designed according to your requirements and our sales consultants will advise you regarding what fabrics and awning would be most suitable.


Awnings can feature a number of different smooth and reliable operating systems including manual, crank operated, spring loaded and motorised, depending on the style of awning you choose. All systems are unobtrusive, practical and easy to use, and give you quick and convenient control over the positioning of your awnings.

Safety Advice

At Carpet Call all our awnings are designed and manufactured to meet our high quality standards and comply with all Australian safety regulations. However, if you have young children at home, it is highly advised that you take extra precautions to keep them safe around the pull cords and chains on blinds, which can cause injury or strangulation if they get a hold of them.

Minimise risk by keeping all cords out of their reach. We also recommend that you always supervise children when they are in a room with awning cords.

  • Extend your outdoor living area by using one of the many practical outdoor awning solutions
  • Product specific solutions to provide you with shade and protection from the elements
  • Available in a range of fabrics to suit your budget and needs
  • Manual, Spring, Crank and Motorisation options available