Upcycling Inspiration for your leftover flooring

Upcycling Inspiration for your leftover flooring

Upcycling Inspiration for your leftover flooring

You’ve just laid your brand new timber or laminate floors and have a whole bunch of offcuts or even a few surplus lengths that you don’t need? Don’t throw them away. Upcycle! Upcycling is the next step, taking leftover or discarded materials, or objects, and reusing them in such a way that turns them into… read more

Colour Trends for a Warming Winter at Home

As the chilly weather starts to hit, it’s the perfect time to think about making your home cosy and inviting with good heating, warm lighting and soft textiles in rich colours. To update your lounge or bedroom this season, consider cushions, rugs and throws in some of these gorgeous on-trend hues. Burgundy Burgundy is definitely… read more

How to Choose the Perfect Size Rug for Your Space

Plenty of designers will tell you that a rug is the perfect place to start when decorating a room. A rug can provide a central focus and help set just the tone you’re after. When looking for the perfect rug, you need to think about more than just colour and style however. Here’s what you… read more

Transform a Room Simply by Changing The Rug

If you are thinking of freshening up your room with a rug, take a look at how different rugs can make the same space look so different. A room can be transformed simply by choosing a new rug to reflect your individual style, and how you want the space to make you feel. You can… read more

11 Inspiring Images for Your Child's Room

Children spend a lot of time in their rooms, whether they’re playing with their toys, doing their homework, having some quiet time, listening to music or just sleeping. Naturally, each child’s room should reflect their personality, so that they’re comfortable, happy and productive in their private space. Decorating kids’ room can be great fun, and… read more

10 Inspiring Home Design Images

If you’re looking for some design inspiration to freshen up your home or if you’re planning a room makeover, take a look at these pics in our Lifestyle Inspiration Series. The way your home is styled is a representation of yourself. Your style, your taste, your fashion and your personality is illuminated and reflected by… read more

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