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How to buy the best timber flooring for your home

If you’re looking for a type of flooring that will suit any room in your home whilst holding its own as a jaw dropping interior design feature, then look no further than a traditional timber floor.

Timber flooring is now one of the more expensive flooring options compared to some cheaper alternatives. However, if cared for correctly, it will last you a lifetime and add substantial value to your property.


This is a comprehensive guide to choosing a timber floor that is perfect for your next project. Here are some of the benefits you can expect to see from installing a timber flooring.


Cleaning timber floors is easy. A quick sweep or vacuum is typically enough to remove any surface dirt, and gentle mopping now and then can prevent lasting wear.


As perhaps the oldest surviving flooring option today, timber belongs in every era. Wooden floors look at home in any decor style and can easily be dressed in rugs to perfect a look.


When properly cared for, timber flooring can last a lifetime. Being softer than tiles, dings or scratches can add rustic character and blend into the natural grain of the wood.


Wooden floors are perfect for any room of the home. Clever use of rugs over the timber can add luxurious underfoot comfort while still granting the practical benefits of wood.


With no open fibres for dust and the like to hide in, timber is an ideal flooring option for those who suffer from allergies.

In addition to the typically benefits a regular timber floor provides, our timber floor options provide many colours, styles, stains, and species. No matter how diverse and unique your needs are, there are many hardwood flooring options available:

  • Cezanne– This option provides a casual and contemporary feel that suits every room and style
  • Outback– this option provides the brightest shine that will warm up the entire area

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