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How to choose laminate flooring

Are you looking for a flooring option that give you the beautiful hardwood floor look for a fraction of the price? Then laminate flooring could be just what you’re looking for.

Download Carpet Call’s definitive Laminate Flooring buying guide as your trusted guide in purchasing the Laminate Flooring that will be most suited for your household.


The production of Laminate Flooring is the main reason behind many of its benefits. Here are the primary reasons why you should opt for laminate flooring.


Homeowners can wave goodbye to nails, hammers and glue, and instead welcome the benefits of simple click-and-lock methods.


Despite its remarkable resemblance to hardwood flooring, laminate options are typically 50% per cent cheaper, depending on the laminate you choose.


Laminate is an incredibly resilient flooring option. The top wear-resistant layer keeps laminate protected against impacts that would otherwise affect hardwood and carpet options.


A quick sweep and dust mop now and again are an easy way to keep your laminate floor in great nick for years to come!

The reason laminate flooring is still so cheap despite looking and feeling like a timber floor is because of the four layers it comprises:

  • Clear, wear-resistant protective layer.
  • Photographic applique layer (imagine a real-life visual of natural wood, stone or ceramic).
  • Compressed high fibreboard layers.
  • Bottom balancing layer.

These four layers are bound together using heat, pressure and adhesive in a process known as lamination. Despite its uncanny resemblance to hardwood surfaces, laminates contain little wooden composites.

Carpet Call have a variety of modern laminates that are strikingly beautiful, up close and at a distance. Here are a few of our best.

  • Urban 8-32 – You simply cannot do go wrong with classic by Parador
  • Pergo Sensation – This high-quality European option comes in a select range of the latest décor
  • Treadtime 6 – Trendtime six is the ideal basis for design-oriented furnishing style

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