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Your guide to layering rugs

Rugs provide comfort and warmth, along with an undeniable sense of style! While great as one off pieces, right now, more is more. That’s right, layering rugs is the interior trend hot on designers’, stylists’ and homeowners’ lips.


Bring interest and comfort into your living spaces by layering rugs.



Layering rugs is the perfect way to have fun and experiment with colour in a living space – especially if your room is predominantly neutral and minimalist.

If you do have colours such as cream, white or grey adorning larger surfaces like your walls and floors, you have more creative freedom to introduce an array of bolder shades through your accessory and rug choices.

For example, we love the idea of layering a few traditional rugs. These rug styles feature intricate patterns and a muted colour palette, typically comprised of red, navy, cream and a touch of black. While boasting an array of shades, traditional rugs are more muted in saturation, helping create a vintage and intentional ‘weathered’ look, bringing an overall boho vibe to your space.


Create a bohemian feel by layering traditional rugs.



If you have a fairly large space that feels quite spacious and accessories feel quite separate from one another, providing a focal point is great for tying decor features together and defining a certain space.

Placing complementing rugs together in an appealing way creates an inviting and cosy place for the eye to rest once you enter a room.


The secret to a visually interesting room lies in texture – more specifically a vast array! Mixing textures such as knitted throws, velvet cushions and timber flooring automatically makes a space feel more inviting and cosy. Better yet, your rugs can join in too!

For the ultimate addition of comfort, opt for a sheepskin rug. Using a large natural rug as your base, place a sheepskin style over the top, preferably in the centre. As well as providing comfort and texture, doing so helps emphasise where in the room your focal point is.

Make your living space feel instantly more cosy by adding a sheepskin rug.


Knowing which rugs work best together is extremely important. Thankfully, the team at Carpet Call are on hand to help. For more information, pop into your local branch today and have a chat with a member of the team. Wouldn’t it be easier to select the right rug if you could see it in your home before you purchased it? Of course it would!This is when our free Home Approval Service will suit you most.

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