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Which timber colour is right for your flooring?


Natural oak is one of the most classic timber flooring styles on the market. Boasting warm caramel undertones and showcasing characteristic knots on planks, this timber flooring type works exceptionally well in a vintage decor scheme.

As the below image showcases, you can see a stunning example of natural oak paired with purposefully weathered furniture. This subtle nod to rustic and retro styling makes for an interesting decor scheme that captures attention as soon as you enter the room.


Boasting warm caramel undertones, natural oak is incredibly comforting.


Sticking on the subject of oak flooring, this champaign variation features a paler blush colour than its natural counterpart. When using this style in any living space, enjoy accentuated light – especially when paired with pale pastel hues, as shown in the below example.


Champaign oak is light in colour and incredibly versatile.



Spotted gum is a dense Australian hardwood that boasts soft mottled brown colourings. Its wavy grain creates attractive markings and therefore makes for a fantastic focal point in any living space.

As you can see from the below image, the mottled brown colouring of spotted gum in the kitchen provides brilliant warmth and style, and perfectly complements the other hardwood furnishings in the room.


The brown mottled effect of spotted gum makes this timber highly sought after.



Ranging from pale brown to cream, the colour of blackbutt timber is well sought after by homeowners all around the country. The softness of this style brings subtle warmth to the home, and its soft shade works extremely well with a multitude of other colours in a decor scheme.

For example, the below image features blackbutt paired with various blue tones which gives a beachy, laidback feel.


Bring the beach into your home with blackbutt timber.



In contrast to many other timber types, jarrah is dark red in colour. Over time, this deep red shade darkens into a deep burgundy hue, creating a sumptuous and stylish finish.

As you can see in the below image, the use of jarrah in the bedroom makes for an intimate, cosy space. Pair with plush fabrics and plenty of layered materials to continue the theme of true comfort.


Create a moody, intimate nook with jarrah timber.


When it comes to selecting the right timber for your interior project, make sure your journey starts at Carpet Call. Our team has the knowledge and passion to ensure you make the best suited selection for you. Head into your local Carpet Call branch today to find out more.


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