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What type of hard flooring best suits me?


What type of hard flooring best suits me?


Hard flooring is a fantastic flooring option for both traditional and modern homes. Hard flooring is a popular flooring choice as they’re easy to maintain, durable and there are is an extensive selection of different products to suit your budget and lifestyle.  


Timber Flooring


When it comes to types of hard wood flooring, Timber is a reliable choice. Timber flooring has been a popular choice for centuries, creating a high-end aesthetic that offers warmth and beauty. Whilst timber won’t be the most cost-effective option, timber is an investment as it lasts a lifetime. Timber flooring can be sanded every 10 years to revive the finish. We recommend timber to those wanting a premium and natural product


Hybrid Flooring


Hybrid flooring is one of the latest innovations, combining the best elements of laminate and vinyl. Hybrid flooring is comprised of four specifically designed layers; top hard-wearing layer, decorative layer, waterproof core layer and pre-adhered backing layer. These innovative layers make hybrid flooring extremely durable, waterproof and has minimal expansion/contraction which result from rapid temperature changes.  

Hybrid flooring is perfect for everyone, in particular young families as it’s an extremely durable flooring option and a hard-wearing product. It Is ideal for those houses with pets as it’s an easy to clean and maintain. It’s a great option for beach homes as its hard wearing against elemental factors such as salt and water. Finally, it’s the perfect solution for those houses located in areas with extreme climates. 


Laminate Flooring


Laminate flooring is a cost-effective and high-performing product, which is comprised of layers including a dense core layer, a high-resolution image layer to mimic timber and finally a protective wear layer. 

Laminate is a fantastic option for a range of homes and lifestyles. We recommend laminate to those as one of the most economic options, so it is an affordable flooring option, ideal for those on a budget. It’s extremely hard-wearing and durable, therefore it’s ideal for areas which attract a lot of foot traffic. Being one of the toughest flooring options, it stands up well against scuffs and scratches which is a major pro for those with a young family or pets. 

Laminate is also very easy to install, making it ideal for DIY projects. Laminate comes in an extensive colour ranges, from glossy to matte finishes. Laminate floors provide detailed surface textures that are balanced against practicality for a stylish décor option. 

However, be aware laminate is only water resistant, not waterproof therefore we don’t recommend installing it in wet areas


Vinyl Flooring


Vinyl flooring can be a flexible, affordable, and stylish option for any room in your house including wet rooms as its waterproof. It can offer a variety of timber looks and aesthetics. Vinyl flooring requires little maintenance once it’s installed, which only includes routine sweeping and mopping. Vinyl is extremely hard wearing yet comfortable underfoot so it’s an ideal solution for high traffic areas in family homes and even in commercial spaces. 

Still not sure which hard flooring is best for you? Our buyer’s guides will give you everything you need to consider before investing in flooring, and our free home measure service can help further refine your decision. Contact us today with any questions!   

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