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Cottage Core: Tik Tok’s Style Trend Explained

Cottage Core: Tik Tok’s Style Trend Explained (& How to DIY)

Cottage Core is a nostalgic, romantic aesthetic that has recently gained popularity on social media platforms. The trend is characterised by a focus on natural, organic materials and themes inspired by rural living, such as vintage florals, country gardens, and rustic farmhouses. Cottage Core interior design incorporates elements such as wicker furniture, floral fabrics, and distressed finishes to create a cozy and comfortable atmosphere.

 Whether you’re looking to fully embrace the Cottage Core trend or simply add a touch of its charming elements to your home, there are plenty of ways to incorporate this timeless style in your décor, like our beautiful range of woolen rugs to or for some DIY fun try our wall coverings to create a rustic, country feel.

Read on to learn more about Cottage Core interior design & how to create your very own dreamy space.


Image of a Cottage Core Inspired Living Room

What is Cottage Core?

Cottage core is an aesthetic and lifestyle characterized by a romanticized view or rural life. It is a nostalgic celebration of the simple things in life, such as gardening, baking, and spending time in nature. This trend has gained popularity, particular during COVID-19 lockdowns, when people had more time to focus on hobbies and home activities. This created a community of like-minded individuals who are passionate about the simple life, and it has helped to spread the cottage core movement even further.  

Another great way to incorporate Cottage Core design into your is by using hybrid flooring. Its natural wood-look texture can enhance the cozy and comfortable feel of a Cottage Core style room, while its water-resistant and durable features make It a practical choice for a homey, lived-in space.


Key Elements of Cottage Core interior Design

Here are a variety of ways you can integrate Cottage Core into your home


Use vintage and rustic elements

To create a space that feels like a country cottage, use a variety of vintage and rustic elements, through cozy textiles, natural materials, antique furnishings, and vintage books. In the kitchen, try incorporating ingredient jars and enamelware to give the space a further rustic feel.


Image of a rustic leather sofa


Add romantic and whimsical touches

 Incorporate romantic and whimsical elements like floral and botanical prints to add a light and airy touch to your space. You can find these prints in a variety of forms, such as curtains, throw pillows or wall art.

Adding plants and flowers as accents can help to create a peaceful and calming atmosphere in your space. From small potted herbs on the windowsill, to larger leafy plants in the corner of the room, these elements help to bring the outdoors inside.

In addition to plants, dried flowers and herbs can also be used to bring greenery into your Cottage Core interior. These elements can create beautiful and natural arrangements, or simply placed in a vase to add a touch of nature to your space.


Stick to a neutral colour palette

In Cottage Core style interiors, you might see colours like beiges, browns, pale pinks, greens and oranges. These colours are soft and warm, creating a serene and peaceful atmosphere in the space. They also have a natural feel, reminding us of the colours we see in the outdoors.

The use of neutral and warm colours helps to create a cohesive look in a Cottage Core interior. By using these colours throughout the space, you can create a harmonious atmosphere that feels cozy and inviting. You can also add pops of colour through accents like throws, artworks or rugs. Our extensive rug collection offers a variety of options that can add a touch of the Cottage Core aesthetic to your space.


Use natural materials

 Natural materials, such as wood and stone are often used to create a calm and inviting space, these are incorporated through furniture like wooden tables, a stone fireplace and natural textiles like woolen rugs and linen.

In addition to natural woods, natural fabrics like cotton, canvas and handmade looking accessories are also essential elements in a Cottage Core interior. At Carpet Call, we offer a wide range of products that can help you bring texture to your Cottage Core interior design. From natural wool rugs to knitted throws, our extensive product range can help you find the perfect items to bring texture to your space.


To bring Cottage Core to your home, visit your nearest Carpet Call store or shop online today. Our team of experts are ready to help you discover the perfect products to bring this cozy and inviting style to your space.

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