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Tips for cleaning hard floors and easy maintenance

Here are some of Carpet Call’s tried and tested cleaning techniques for hard flooring.


Keeping your hard floor looking as good as new doesn’t have to be difficult.



When faced with a sudden spill or if you just want to give your hard flooring the best clean possible, using a water solution may seem like the sensible option. However, all types of hardwood flooring, including timber and laminate, don’t mix well with high levels of moisture. If exposed to water or extreme humidity, hard flooring planks can swell and split, leaving you with a hefty repair bill.

Instead, a well-rung mop that has been left to air-dry for around 10 minutes possesses the maximum amount of moisture needed to clean a hard floor. For spot spills, simply wipe away quickly with a cloth to avoid long-lasting damage.


For everyday upkeep, a quick sweep is just enough to remove dust, debris and dirt from your hard floor. Therefore, don’t be so hasty to reach for the vacuum unless you have a specialised floor-brush attachment. Vacuuming a hard floor with a beater bar can scratch your surface, so always make sure you have a soft fibre attachment to keep damage at bay.


A simple sweep now and then is all it takes to keep dust and debris at bay!



Along with staying on top of spills as they happen and undertaking a regular routine sweep and light mop, putting preventive measures in place is just as important when it comes to caring for your hard floor.

Here’s a list of some measures that can make a huge difference to the condition and longevity of your hard floor:

  • Use door mats: Placing door mats beside your front and back door prevent the possibility of abrasive particles being walked onto your hardwood flooring.
  • Introduce anti-slip rig grippers and furniture pads: Placing pads underneath rugs and furniture legs is an easy way to protect your hard flooring from scratches and damage caused by moving decor features.
  • Consider installing blinds on windows: Constant exposure to the sun and its UV rays accelerates the oxidation and ageing of timber flooring. Installing blinds on windows helps keep this exposure to a minimum and your hardwood flooring looking as good as new for longer!

The aforementioned cleaning techniques and preventive measures can help you maintain a stunning hard floor year after year. If you think you’re overdue a hard flooring update, why not browse Carpet Call’s range? Here you’ll find a top quality selection of laminate, timber and other hard flooring options, all boasting unique aesthetic characteristics and long-lasting qualities.

For more information, pop into your local Carpet Call store today and chat with a member of the team about the best suited option for you.

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