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Blind Trends to Inspire Kitchen Design Ideas

Blinds, curtains or shutters. Whichever is your preference, you can use stylish window treatments to create a truly cohesive design for your kitchen. Let’s take a look at some of the best on-trend kitchen window covering ideas.


While previous years have emphasised minimalist, neutral tones, let 2018 be the year you inject colour and personality back into your home. Selecting a bold, graphic print for your kitchen blinds allows you introduce a modern touch to your design scheme.


Complementing colours in your kitchen with a patterned blind creates a cohesive look.

Consider pulling colours through from your flooring or other accents in the room to feature on a roller blind. Showcase your chosen colour in a geometric pattern against a neutral background. For example, a white and red chevron pattern could be used to tie in to retro-red small appliances, and contrast nicely with a pale blue wall. Or you might choose to feature metallic accents with new neutrals – charcoal and slate.

Choosing to use roller blinds in your kitchen allows you to switch between a low-profile window treatments when the blinds are fully retracted, or broad, bold statement pieces to create interest among your guests. Roller blinds are available in a wide range of fabrics, colours and patterns and black-out options are available if light is a concern.


In a sleek, modern kitchen, you can add both warmth and an upmarket vibe using a contrasting fabric. A darker, heavy basket-weave Roman blind can maintain contemporary neutral tones while creating interest in the visible texture of the fabric. By keeping the colours plain, you allow the contrast between the natural-looking weave and smooth, polished cabinetry to be the focus of your window treatment.

A natural weave Roman blind can provide a refreshing break in a sleek kitchen.



Your creativity doesn’t have to end with a single set of blinds, though. Layering window treatments is a major trend this year and lets you enjoy the best of two different types of blinds. Create harmony between hard and soft materials by positioning a Roman blind atop a set of Venetians. Choose a luxurious jewel toned fabric to emphasise the contrast against the aluminium or timber-look slats. This will really pop in a kitchen with warm metallic fixtures and dark countertops.


The sustainable, eco-friendly mindset is coming to the forefront of design, both in terms of ethical practice and visual aesthetic. Going green has a number of practical benefits for your home from reducing your carbon footprint and spending on energy to potentially affecting the resale value of your home.


Wooden blinds and accent plants can make a kitchen feel warmer and healthier.


Showcasing a sustainable attitude in your kitchen is simple. Turn to natural-look materials for your window treatments, including wooden Venetians and Roman blinds featuring organic hessian or linen fabrics. Earthen tone materials will enhance the warmth of your kitchen while creating a connection to the outdoors. Complement your blinds by introducing plants to your countertop – vibrant pops of green literally bring the outside in and could even serve a practical purpose if you’re game to nurture indoor herbs.

Shutters are also a great idea, as they offer a unique approach to kitchen window treatments, establishing a rustic country vibe inherently connected to nature. Because shutters create interior air spaces, they also have high insulation value, adding to the actual sustainability of your home.


The right shutters can give your kitchen a rustic country vibe.



There are tonnes of brilliant ways you can employ window treatments in your kitchen, but not every option will be perfect for you.

Consider the following when brainstorming window covering ideas for your kitchen:

  • Simplicity of care:

    Being in the kitchen, your treatments are naturally going to pick up splashes, stains, and odours from cooking and dishwashing. For this reason, you should be particularly aware of the cleaning requirements of your chosen blind. Our faux timber blind solutions are a great option as they resistant to high moisture levels common to a kitchen.

  • Privacy:

    If your kitchen is overlooked by neighbours or is visible from the street, installing blinds with a level of privacy may be in your best interests. In this case, Venetian blinds or shutters could be the better option as you can easily control visibility through them without sacrificing too much light.

  • Light:

    You don’t want to get sunburnt in your own home. If your kitchen receives a lot of natural light during times you’re commonly in the kitchen, choosing a opaque treatment such as black-out roller blinds will offer you total control over light levels.

Most importantly, consider the existing design of your kitchen. Your blinds should perfectly complement the style of your home as well as your personality.

At Carpet Call, we’re the experts in the trade, and determined to help you get the right look for you – cheaper, smarter, and better quality than elsewhere. For style assistance in picking the best window treatments for your home, check out our blinds buying guide or book an appointment with our Carpet Call experts today.

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