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Best Way to Clean Hard Floors

What is the best method for cleaning hard floors?

We are always asked by our customers, what is the best way to clean hard floors? To best answer this question, here are some tips to best maintain your timber, hybrid, laminate, or vinyl floors.

1) Pick up loose dirt and debris before using any products or moisture

Get rid of dirt and dust with a broom or vacuum cleaner, be mindful not to scratch your floors.

2) Revitalise and clean your hard floors with a mop

When mopping, be mindful to only have the mop damp and not to have your floors sopping wet to prevent any water damage. Avoid using a steam mop as it can dull the wood and damage it.

3) The right tools to perfectly clean your hard floors and make them last

What we recommend is our brand new, first on the market self-cleaning Quattro Self Cleaning Power Mop. Why?
Because it not only gives a flawless finish, safe on all hard floors, but also makes your life easier in the process. With its one click spray system, an appropriate amount of water is dispersed each time to provide adequate dampness without saturating your floors. Equipped with an automatic cleaning function, which means not having to remove the microfibre pads and washing them separately. Saving you a lot of time. The microfibre mop pads have excellent water absorption and durability without damaging your floors.

4) A clean mop means cleaner hard floors!

After mopping, place the mop into the bucket, with one touch the pads will be automatically cleaned.
Combine a safe floor cleaner with water, do not use straight ammonia, alkaline products, or abrasive cleaners. We recommend combining our Pure Clean floor cleaner and disinfectant for the ultimate clean. Our Pure Clean is a commercial grade floor cleaner and disinfectant, which kills 99.9% of bacteria and germs.
Finally, maintain your floors by adopting a regular routine, higher traffic areas should be vacuumed weekly and wet cleaned bi-weekly.



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