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How to style carpet in a bedroom space

For years carpet has been seen as one of the most stylish and timeless flooring options for a bedroom space – oh, and did we mention the most comfortable of them all?



If you love decorating with bold colours in the form of paint shades and accessories, opting for a carpet option in a subdued neutral shade is ideal. Not only does this allow other decor features to shine, it also serves as a blank canvas for when you choose to redecorate.

Let’s use the below image for an example. As you can see, there’s a brilliant deep teal shade filling all walls. However, if in a couple of years the homeowners want to switch things up and paint walls in a dark purple hue, there’s no worry it will clash with the existing carpet.

Let your decor features do the talking by installing a neutral carpet



A warm neutral carpet is one of the most timeless and sophisticated flooring options on the market. And the benefits don’t just stop there. As the below image showcases, opting for a neutral carpet colour in a similar shade to that on the walls helps blur the lines between surfaces, making a space seem visibly larger while also enhancing cohesion.


Blur the lines to give the illusion of a larger space



Carpets are one of the most versatile floor coverings around as the below image showcases. While neutral options give homeowners more creative freedom to splash bolder colours on the walls, carpet choices boasting bright colours take on the role of a statement focal point. Opting for a delectable red carpet like the below example introduces great energy and encourages feelings of positivity – perfect for the bedroom.

When working with a bright colour such as red, ensure accessories are on the more subdued side of the spectrum to avoid overpowering your space. However, as the below image shows, you can have fun incorporating smaller doses of other colours to continue the fun feel and tie decor pieces together.


Make the most visual impact with a coloured carpet



When designing an interior space, texture is one of the most crucial components to ensure a room is comfortable, interesting and visually engaging. However, there’s more to it than simply incorporating features comprised of the same or similar fabrics. Doing so will run the risk of making your space feel flat and one-dimensional.

Instead, as the below image showcases, introducing an array of textures in the form of main furnishings, accessories and fixtures provides plenty of interest to keep the eye engaged.

In this example, the carpet boasts a small, raised chevron effect in a subdued taupe shade. While subtle, the embossed detail contributes to the room’s overall texture, and when paired alongside lacquered cabinets, chunky throws and a variety of different fabrics, creates a stunning collection of interesting textures.

Make your space feel as cosy as possible by introducing a great array of texture
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