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From Holes to Carpet Patch Repair: Learn How to Fix Your Carpet!

If you’ve come across some form of damage to your carpet, whether it be a small hole or pull, don’t worry, you may be able to save the day.

Discover how to repair and refresh your carpet when you spot the signs of damage.

Dog sit on carpet

Find out how to repair your carpet when your four-legged friends play a little too rough.


If you have found a hole in your carpet and it’s in a visible area, don’t just mask the problem with a rug or table, why not fix it instead?

Patching is the easiest way to cover up a small hole in your carpet without having to call in professional help:

● Mark a square or circle around the hole using a capped pen.
● Use a specialist carpet knife to cut out the shape.
● Carefully remove the affected area of the carpet.
● Find a piece of undamaged carpet to use as the patch. This should be exactly the same colour/pattern as the affected area. You could use leftover carpet or take a piece from a well-hidden area such as a space behind a cabinet.
● Use the affected area as a template for the patch. Mark out the new shape and cut out.
● Apply double-sided carpet tape to the patch and carefully place into the hole.
● Blend the new patch into the existing carpet by gently rubbing the entire surface in the same direction using a roller or dry cloth. This will blur the lines of your handiwork and allow you to enjoy a carpet that looks as good as new!

Fix hole in your carpet by Craft knife

A craft knife can save the day if you find a hole in your carpet.



Noticed a snag in your carpet? Follow these simple steps to fix the problem:

● Trim the pull/snag.
● Gently push to one side so you can see the gap where it came from.
● Place a small amount of fabric glue into the gap.
● Using a tip of a pen or other, long thin tool, guide the snag back into the hole.
● Leave to dry and trim pets’ nails to prevent the problem from happening again!


When you come across wet carpet, it’s important to act fast to prevent the growth of mould and eliminate smells. Here’s what you need to do:

● Firstly, assess the situation to try and work out the cause of moisture. If the water is coming from flooding or sewage, the carpet is typically not safe to keep, nor should you tackle this problem without a professional. If the water has come from a broken pipe, for example, it’s often okay to treat the carpet once you have stopped the source of water.
● It’s best to dry your carpet within 48 hours to prevent mould spores from forming. You can use fans or a wet-vac to dry carpet.

When it comes to caring for your carpet, you can trust the experts at Carpet Call to help. If you’re in need of specialist products or practical advice, pop into your local Carpet Call branch and chat with a member of the team.


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