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Traditional, contemporary or transitional rugs: what are the differences?

While you may not know the differences between the three groups, each is unique in its own right, so it’s important you’re aware of identifying characteristics. This will make your rug shopping experience a lot more efficient and enjoyable!

Here’s everything you need to know about transitional rugs and how they compare to their counterparts.


 Traditional rugs typically draw inspiration from either Oriental and Persian patterns or European and Victorian styles. These types of rugs are often described as ornate and intricate in both markings and colour.

More often than not, designs take the form of floral arrangements, central medallions boasting diamond or octagonal shapes or other intricate patterns synonymous with these eras. With such stately and sophisticated connotations, the colour palette of traditional rugs is often pre-defined to reflect this.

Think rich maroon, deep sage, warm beige and opulent navy with injections of ink black. The aforementioned colours are often used throughout all traditional rug designs, and with ornate patterns, come together to form one of the most luxurious floor coverings on the market.


Traditional rugs can add a touch of elegance to any living space.



 Lighting up the rug world with a beautiful blend of vibrant colours and abstract design elements are those under the contemporary umbrella. These variations are typically influenced by modern art and architecture, and generally boast free-form elements.

On the odd occasion, contemporary rugs can feature retro patterns. These tend to give a nod to the art deco period, where geometric designs were extremely prevalent. As such, colour schemes often feature bolder shades and combinations, but this depends style to style.


Contemporary rugs create a stylish focal point for any room.


 Transitional rugs combine the best of both traditional and contemporary styles. They draw inspiration from the classic designs of traditional floor coverings and combine them with fashion-forward designs and colour schemes from contemporary offerings.

This provides the elegance of traditional styles with less of the formality, while boasting cutting edge elements that bring a more stimulating feel. Transitional rugs can be found in any colour, light or dark and have no limit to design possibilities.

Enjoy the best of traditional and contemporary styling with a transitional rug



Traditional, contemporary or transitional – what’s your style? If you’re still undecided, don’t worry. Pop into your local Carpet Call branch and chat to a floor covering expert who can run you through the range and give you more insight into the options available.

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