5 of the biggest living room rug mistakes and their solutions

5 of the biggest living room rug mistakes and their solutions

So you want to include a rug in your living room decor. Great idea! Rugs are an easy way to add a pop of colour and style to your home, as well as put some cosy insulation underfoot. Chosen properly, a rug can anchor your living room’s design scheme, balancing or incorporating elements throughout the room to create an inviting, comfortable and attractive space.

However, just like any part of interior design, there are a number of mistakes you’ll want to avoid to get the most out of your rug.

Mistake 1: Choosing a rug that’s too small

The right size rug helps to make a living room feel large and inviting.

It’s normal to be attracted to smaller rugs because they’re cheaper and it can be hard to judge sizes without seeing the rug in its intended space.

However, when your rug isn’t big enough, your living room is going to look smaller than it really is. On top of that, your entire design scheme can seem disjointed and furniture may appear awkward. It’s often better to caution on the side of a larger rug.

Solution: Measure up! Before you buy a rug, measure the space you plan to put it in as well as your furniture. There’s no set rules to determining the size your rug should be, but it should look proportionate to the room. Play with different rug sizes to find one that fits perfectly and shows a bit of personal flare.

If you’ve already bought a rug and found it’s too small, a cheap solution is to layer it on top of a larger neutral jute or sisal rug. These rugs are cheaper and hard-wearing, so they can be used to carry the feature rug’s area out further without breaking the bank.

Mistake 2: Playing it safe

Choosing a unique patterned rug adds originality to your home.

Your rug is a fantastic opportunity to show style, personality and creativity. If you err on the side of neutrality with your rug, your living room may appear bland or washed out. Take a look at rugs featuring interesting patterns – these could be two-toned, geometric, Persian, graduated or whatever suits the vision and vibe you’ve set for your living room design.

It’s not uncommon to be afraid of patterns, especially if you’re new to interior design, but the rewards of stepping out of your comfort zone are plentiful. A patterned rug can create strong visual interest in your room and guide the selection of other soft furnishings. On the same note, a rug can break up a single-toned carpet, so don’t be afraid to add a bit of playfulness to a carpeted room.

Solution: Seek professional advice. Book an appointment with our flooring specialists at your nearest Carpet Call store. Simply bring your measurements and any design inspiration you might have and our experts will be happy to take you through daring and creative living room rug ideas to reshape your space.

Mistake 3: Leaving the rug to last

Choosing your rug first provides you with a colour scheme to direct the rest of your decor.

As mentioned above, your rug can skew the way you go about selecting other accessories in the room, from cushions to decorator accents. Your rug should be the foundation upon which you form the broader scheme of your overall living room design.

The overall vibe, style and colour palette of your room can be drawn from the rug of your choice. If the rug is the last thing you’re considering for your living room, it’s possible you’ll be searching for far too long just to find a rug that works with everything else you’ve bought.

Solution: Take a whole-room approach to your living space. If you’re considering adding a rug to an established room, let this be an opportunity to completely reorientate your design direction. This way you can enjoy more freedom in rug selection and a whole new living suite.

Mistake 4: Letting your rugs slide

Use under-rug mats to stop harmful slipping.

When placed on hard floors, rugs have the potential to slide around through day-to-day use. This risks scratching your beautiful hard flooring and in some cases could even damage the rug itself, severely limiting its life-span.

Solution: Lay an anti-slip mat under your rug. Carpet Call’s Antislip Rug Grippers are made of 100 per cent PVC, meaning they hold tight to both your hard floors and the reverse side of your rugs. These are available in 110 x 160 cm, 75 x 245 cm and 150 x 215 cm, offering a range of sizes you can use to fit under any rug.

Mistake 5: Forgetting functionality

Remember to consider the lifestyle your rug needs to support.

Perhaps most importantly, consider who lives in your home and how the material of a rug will suit your family’s lifestyle. Choosing a rug that stains easily when you have lots of little ones running around or a pet prone to accidents may end in disappointment.

Solution: Know what you’re buying. Take a look at our rug buying guide for insight on the durability and stain resistance of different rug materials.

Now that you know how to avoid these rug-based blunders, you can go confidently into selecting your perfect rug. To see our massive range of affordable rug options, shop online or in store. Make sure to take advantage of our Try Before You Buy policy – allowing you to take up to three rugs for a trial in your own home free of charge for up to 24 hours.



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