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Anti-Fatigue Mats

Anti-Fatigue Mats

  • ANT.1001.55.Grey
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Product Description

Cushions your feet whilst standing for long periods and reduces fatigue. Anti-fatigue mats improve health and can lower fatigue by up to 50%. It means there is a lower risk of developing varicose veins, joint pain and general discomfort, especially in pregnancy.

Our Anti-fatigue mats are also non Slip, which avoids potential accidents. Our mats are 12mmthick and made of PVC ensuring comfortability and durability.

Available in two sizes, 50cmx99cm and 60cmx120cm size will provide a cushioning for all areas in the home and workplace where frequent standing occurs, for example at a standing desk in the office or the kitchen in the home.


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Care Instructions

Professional dry cleaning recommended on a regular basis, to keep it in the best possible condition over a long period of time.