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Awnings care is something that can be easily and often be overlooked, however, it is vital to maximise the life of your investment. Your awning is coming into contact with the elements all day and all night. It is also the protection stopping you from experiencing everything from sweltering heat to heavy rainfall. This can lead to general wear and tear that should be fixed or maintained before any serious damage happens.

Maintaining your fabric awning is an investment in your lifestyle and comfort, and so easy to do. Lightly clean the awning with a sponge, warm water, and a mild natural soap to remove dirt, dust, grime, leaf litter and bird matter. Do not scrub excessively. Ensure the awning isn’t rolled up wet, or if it has been, extend it and allow it to dry once the weather is clear. Failure to do so can accelerate some leaching of protective chemicals and promote fungal growth. Should wrinkling occur as a result of the blinds being rolled up wet, smooth wrinkles by re-wetting and allowing it to dry fully extended in the sun.

Depending on the style and type of awning you have installed, you may require specific care directions and instructions. The amount you clean and care for your awnings can vary from their location within the home, and the environment they are exposed to the most. For example, a beachside awning that is exposed to sand will need more care than a temperate suburban awning.