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FAQ Awnings FAQ

Awnings are offered to suit your specifications and needs, so they can be custom fitted to various sizes.

Typically, awning fabrics have UVA and UVB absorbers that allow them to provide fantastic sun protection. The standard awning fabric will provide over 96% wind and rain protection and there is an even tighter woven fabric that will offer 99% protection. Some awnings perform better in wind than others due to their mechanism and design. Discuss your needs with one of our specialists.

Studies have found that retractable patio awnings can actually reduce “heat gain” by as much as 65 to 75 percent. This makes it easier for air conditioning systems to cool our homes without using as much power even in the middle of a hot summer afternoon.

It is normal for awnings to make noises due to a combination of springs, belts, pulleys, wheels, and the motor itself. It is particularly likely to make noise when there is dust and grime build us, particularly for retractable awnings.

At Carpet Call, we have both manual retractbale awnings, which use a hand crank that you can rotate to either protract or retract your awning, and motorised retractable awnings, which uses a motor to do the hard work. There really is no “best” option between a motorized and a manual retractable awning since the decision is dependent on the preference of the home owner.

Although not strictly necessary, the moving parts of your awning (such as the arms) can be lubricated once a year to ensure optimal operation. Applying a dry silicone spray lubricant lubricant on the axle/bushing and the end of the roller tube on the side opposite the motor or gear can eliminate unusual creaking noises.

Always retract any retractable awnings when winds exceed 30kph, as they cannot protect against harsh weather. Make sure to remove all twigs and debris before retracting your awnings. Awnings with a manual crank should be turned gently and not forced. When retracting, do not jam the front bar tight against the rolled fabric. The fabric should always roll off the top of the roller tube and never from underneath. Typically, the arms are never fully straight; trying to force the awning fabric to roll out past the gear stops where the elbows lock can damage it.

There could be a number of problems affecting your motorised retractable awning. Start by checking your remote and replacing the batteries. If this doesn’t fix the issue, check if all the breakers in the breaker box are switched on. If you still are facing an issue, call Carpet Call for advice or schedule a professional service appointment. Retractable awnings have a manual override crank that allows you to retract your awning manually in the event of a power failure or malfunction.

Depending on your use and maintenance, awnings can last up to 15 years. Ensure you are getting the most out of your awnings by cleaning regularly.