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Hybrid Timber Flooring: What is it?

Today we’re blessed with technologies and materials that allow us to enjoy a host of advanced products that are created to better meet the needs of users. Thankfully, in the world of flooring, it’s no different.


Find out whether hybrid flooring could work for you.



As the name suggests, hybrid flooring is a product that combines two different materials together. In this instance, the best attributes of vinyl and laminate are perfectly blended to create the ultimate flooring solution for any room in the home.

Hybrid flooring consists of four layers that come together to create this innovative product:

  1. Top hard-wearing surface layer
  2. Decorative layer
  3. Waterproof core layer
  4. Pre-adhered backing layer

So you know what hybrid flooring is, but why should you consider this option over others on the market?

Hybrid flooring has been designed to embody the best of both vinyl and laminate.



As previously mentioned, hybrid flooring consists of four special layers. It’s these multiple components that make this flooring choice so unique and capable of withstanding a multitude of demands. Let’s take a look at the advantages hybrid flooring boasts:


In the past, ordinary vinyl flooring was susceptible to temperature changes. As such, when faced with hot and cold temperature fluctuations, planks and tiles were at a high risk of swelling, leaving uneven surfaces and hefty repair bills. Hybrid flooring has been designed to combat these risks and is capable of withstanding rapid temperature changes with minimal expansion and contraction.


Taking the best qualities of both vinyl and laminate, hybrid flooring is completely 100% waterproof. Now you can have the look of timber in all rooms of the home - including wet rooms such as the kitchen and laundry - without risk of swelling or splitting!


Hybrid flooring has been designed with durability in mind. Now, you can feel confident that your surfaces will handle high foot traffic and adventurous playtime with complete ease.


The decorative layer is the finishing touch to this innovative flooring product, offering a fantastic resemblance to authentic timber for a fraction of the price.

Discover the great attributes of hybrid flooring today by heading into your local Carpet Call branch. A member of the team can show how this unique product can slot seamlessly into your living spaces and ensure you choose the right style for your needs. As we have busy lifestyles, Carpet Call offer a shop at home service to take advantage just contact Carpet Call today on 1300 614 979 or fill out our online enquiry form.

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