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How to Remove Mould from Curtains & Blinds

Living in a humid climate like Australia, we're no strangers to mould in places we don't want it - and even for the most house-proud, this is sometimes in our own home. Areas where moisture and humidity are found most, like the kitchen, bathroom, laundry, and near windows where condensation forms are common areas for mould growth.

There's nothing more annoying than finding mould in your home, and it can be extra annoying when you find it on soft furnishings like curtains or blinds, where it may have penetrated and absorbed, making it all the more difficult to remove. Luckily, there are a few methods to remove mould from curtains and blinds that you can try that just might bring them back to their former glory.

Give your Curtains/Blinds a bath

Before you get too excited to jump into cleaning, make sure you read the fabric care instructions that will be on a tag somewhere on your curtains or blinds - be on the lookout for specific care instructions such as dry clean only. If your item requires dry cleaning, take them to the professionals who'll know what to do, and advise them of the mould issue so they can be treated correctly.

For Curtains

If your curtains don't require dry cleaning, you can begin by gently vacuuming the fabric to remove and loosen and dried mould. Once you've removed as much of this dry mould as possible, pop your curtains in the washing machine on a gentle wash cycle with a little detergent. Air dry your curtains instead of tumble drying, as if there is any mould leftover, drying this with hot air can make the problem worse (and make removing it harder).

For Blinds

Skip the washing machine for your blinds - especially if your blinds are made from a sturdier material or are not made from fabric. Use a mix of detergent and water and clean with a small brush or sponge to work at the affected area.

If you have softer fabric blinds, use a soft cloth (like Carpet Call's Aqua Dry Chamois) and hang up to air dry.

Don’t Reach for the Bleach

Whilst it might be tempting to reach for a bottle of bleach to clean with, we strongly advise against using bleach on your soft furnishings, curtains, and blinds ad this can damage and remove colour from your items, leaving you with an even more unsightly problem to deal with.  If you aren't having luck with machine washing alone, enlist the help of a commercial mould cleaner, but steer clear of other cleaning products not designed for mould removal.

Target Tricky Mould with a Commercial Cleaner

For a more intensive option, treat the affected area with a commercial mould cleaner specifically designed to tackle mould on soft fabrics (without destroying the fabric itself). Always check the label and follow instructions for use and check which surfaces and fabrics it can be used on - Be mindful that when using chemicals, they may discolour fabric, so we recommend only using products designed for soft fabrics and doing a small test patch first.

Apply the cleaner and leave for the specified length of time before you gently sponge it up. Pop in your washing machine to rinse any leftover treatment out and allow to air-dry outdoors.

Routine Clean to Prevent Build-up

Even without mould in the equation, it’s a good idea to consider cleaning your blinds semi-regularly to keep them in their best shape for years to come (and to potentially prevent any nasty mould build ups from occurring in the first place!). Read our article on How to Clean Blinds to find tricks to make cleaning blinds a breeze.

Start Fresh

If none of the above methods are working, it might be time to replace your existing blinds with a fresh new set - what better excuse to spruce up your space! With a wide range of curtains and blinds, we know you'll find something you love at Carpet Call. Explore our range of curtains and blinds or contact us to speak to one of our experts today!


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