How to Choose the Perfect Size Rug for Your Space

How to Choose the Perfect Size Rug for Your Space

Plenty of designers will tell you that a rug is the perfect place to start when decorating a room. A rug can provide a central focus and help set just the tone you’re after. When looking for the perfect rug, you need to think about more than just colour and style however. Here’s what you need to know to choose the ideal size rug, room by room.

The lounge room

Traditional guidelines suggest you leave at least 45cm of floor space showing on each side of a rug. As an estimate, large lounge rooms might take a 240 x 340cm rug, and medium sized rooms a 160 x 230cm rug. In very expansive rooms, you might have rug run underneath all the furniture – or in smaller areas, as is quite popular these days, the rug might be placed in front of the sofa or sofas. Generally, rugs run to at least the length of the sofa. For those who live in large open spaces, two or three rugs in the same or similar shades can help define set areas and set the colour theme. Soft, plush and comfortable rugs are the best option for the lounge room.

Carpet Call Mayfair Rug

For Mayfair rugs (pictured) click here.

Dining room

This one’s easy. A rug should be large enough to sit underneath table and chairs, ensuring that when you pull the chairs back to stand, the chair legs are still on top of the rug. Opt for hard wearing, short-pile rugs.

Carpet Call Cabo Traditional Rug

For Cabo rugs (pictured) click here


A bedroom rug should be large enough so that you stand on it when you get out of bed. In very large spaces, you might opt for a rug which runs underneath the bed and at least 45cm on each side. In smaller rooms, choose smaller rugs that sit on each side of the bed. Shag rugs are ideal for bedrooms – and bare feet!

Carpet Call Rugs

Rugs left and right hand sides: Magnificent. Rug in the centre: Isis.

Kids’ rooms

For children’s rooms, think colour for optimum fun. Consider one or two kids’ rugs in bright colours and cute patterns placed by the bed, and where they’ll be playing. Kids love the floor!

Cuddles Owl Rug in Blue and Pink

For Childrens Rugs (pictured) click here

Size before buying

When buying rugs online always check the dimensions as rugs that come in various sizes may not always match a single picture. We have affordable rugs for sale that suit all rooms, inside and out. If in doubt, give us a call and we’ll help you find the perfectly-sized one for your home.

A final word

It’s also worth remembering that while there are guidelines for choosing the right size rugs for your rooms, it does come down to personal taste, and the feel you want to achieve in particular spaces. There’s nothing more cosy in winter than a rug under your feet, so if you fall in love with a rug for a specific room and it works in that space, don’t worry too much about whether it’s technically the right size or not!

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