5 Ways to Make your Room Appear Larger

5 Ways to Make your Room Appear Larger

1. Finding your stripes

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Vertical stripes on clothing are great because they can give the illusion of height or width. The same can be said for rugs. Long lines allow the eye to follow along the line and seek the edges of the rooms. When placing your striped rug, try not to surround it with too much clutter.

2. Start Spring Cleaning


Your home interior should grow with your and your personal style interests. At least once a year have the aim of decluttering and freeing my space in your room. A cluttered room will always looks smaller and more claustrophobic.

3. Find the light

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Natural and artificial light is very important in your home to giving the illusion of space. This is actually one of the reasons Carpet Call’s has in-home consultations as the light in your home can change the shade of your flooring. Try to create a contrast between the light and dark moments in your home with a greater focus on the light.

4. Mirror, mirror on the wall

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Mirrors are one of the easiest fixes when it comes to making a room appear larger. Whether you are using a full-length mirror or a mosaic of mirrors they are ideal at reflecting light and recreating the reflecting space.

5. Look up, not down

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We are so often focused on floor space that we rarely look up. Adding features like embellished curtain rods and artwork that sits just below the ceiling are ideal at drawing the eye to the full height of the room.

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