4 Tips to Incorporating Pantone’s Colour of the Year Into Your Home

4 Tips to Incorporating Pantone’s Colour of the Year Into Your Home

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Every year the Pantone Colour Institute announces their colour of the year, and this year we are happily surprised with the introduction of Marsala. Here are some simple tips below on how to easily incorporate the warm moroccan tones of Marsala.

1. Make Marsala an accent colour

You don’t need to spend ten’s of thousands of dollars to change the look and feel of your room. Incorporating Marsala can be as simple as introducing accent pieces like, a throw rug, cushions, or other minimal ornamental pieces which combined give the room a cohesive colour theme.

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2. Think Marsala – Think Rug

If you are looking for a cost effective and lasting solution to updating a room in your home with Pantone’s colour of the Year why not add in a rug.

Here are four rugs in our collection that feature the red wine tones of Marsala.


Carpet Call Rug Amore  Carpet Call Bounce  Carpet Call London  Carpet Call Miami

3.  Accent furniture is the key

Go bold by updating or buying a new piece of furniture. Whether you just have the couch cushions recovered, or are in the market to buy a high back armchair –  a burgundy rich colour tone will surely be a centrepiece in your home. Just remember that accent furniture is designed to stand out and be a centrepiece of the room, so try not to use Marsala in other furniture pieces in the same room.


4. Wooden, laminate and vinyl flooring

Thinking of changing your flooring? Why not install wooden flooring or vinyl in your home. Here our recommendations for wooden and vinyl flooring that incorporates the colour tones of Marsala.

Classic 105   Merbau
Left: Classic 1050 Afzelia Laminate Flooring  Right: Classic 1050 Merbau Laminate Flooring

5. Get out the paint brush

Feature walls never go out of style and they look even better when they are textured. Many paint companies are offering textured alternatives to the traditional gloss and semi-gloss options.

wall colour

Whether you are renovating or simply looking to freshen up a room in your home, be sure to visit Carpet Call for all of your flooring needs.

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