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4 Reasons to Use a Rug Anti-Slip Gripper

This small yet mighty carpet component acts like a thin and discrete layer of cushioning between your rug and the floor beneath it.

Here are a few reasons why every rug needs an anti-slip rug gripper.

Rug pads protect your flooring and loved ones!



 No matter how careful you think you are, a rug without a rug gripper always increases the risk of slipping, tripping or falling. A non-slip rug gripper anchors your rug securely to the ground to stop it from moving, bunching or sliding. This is especially important for high-traffic foot areas where people of all ages, including children and the elderly, could potentially injure themselves.

As well as practical benefits, a bunched-up rug isn’t a good look for any living space!



Quite often rugs are placed over hard flooring surfaces such as timber and tiles to increase comfort and warmth, as well as add to the aesthetic. While great for these purposes, hard surfaces like the aforementioned can decrease a rugs lifespan.

This is because rugs are comprised of tiny fibres. Over time, when walked upon, these fibres become compressed, which causes the rug to lose its density, colour and overall visual appeal.

Using a rug gripper slows down this process by providing support and helping your rug spring back more easily.


Keep your rug looking better for longer with rug pads.



As well as your rug, it’s important to take care of the flooring underneath. Some rug backings are often made up of tough materials that can scratch and damage the underlying floor. Additionally, rugs can sometimes hold onto excess dye from the weaving process which can transfer to other surfaces when trodden upon.

A rug gripper prevents these problems by providing a protective barrier between the rug and the floor underneath.


 Who wouldn’t want to make their life easier when it comes to cleaning? Thankfully, a rug gripper does just that. They’re often designed with ridges that provide better air circulation beneath the rug, preventing the growth of mould or mildew and making vacuuming a lot easier.

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