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About Us Carpet Call’s Rug Visualiser Mobile Application

Carpet Call’s Rug Visualiser Mobile Application

Welcome to Carpet Call’s Rug Visualiser Mobile Application

We developed this augmented reality application to give you the convenience of previewing a rug from the comfort of your home before you decide to buy it. Now you can browse our rugs online, choose from a wide range of colours and patterns and visualise them in their intended space using just the camera of your iPhone or iPad.

This application gives you confidence in your selection and is the best way to choose the right rug for your space.

Please click here to view Carpet Call’s Rug Visualiser Mobile Application in the App Store.

How to Print Your Marker

Before you start to use the app, please print the Carpet Call marker and place it where you intend to lay the rug.

If you are printing the marker from your iPad (will only work if you have connected to a WIFI printer):

Click here to open the PDF which can then be printed straight from the browser.

If you would like to save the marker as an image, please click here to open the image then save the image to your “Photos” app. Open the image from the “Photos” app and select print.

If you are printing the marker from your desktop or laptop:

Please Click here and you should be able to print from the browser.

To download the jpg version, please click here.

Preview a Rug in Your Home

When you launch the application, the camera on your iPhone or iPad will automatically get activated. Click on the ‘eye’ icon of the Rug Visualiser to view this section and begin the process of choosing your rug. Simply point your device at the Carpet Call marker to start to view our range. Use the left and right arrows on the screen to scroll between designs.

This section also gives you handy options to:

  1. Choose a size: Choose from amongst the various size options available in that design.
  2. Save or share your virtual rug: Take a picture of how the rug appears in your room and share with friends over email, Twitter or Facebook. This is a handy way to get feedback before you make your purchase.
  3. Purchase from Carpet Call website: When you find the right rug, click on this icon to be taken directly to your shopping cart on the website to complete your purchase.

Clicking on the Home icon at the top left of the screen will take you back to the main menu where you will be presented with the following sections:

Our Rugs

Click on this section to be taken to an image gallery of our rugs displayed in a variety of spaces. Clicking on each picture will give you the option of viewing the rug on our website, or in your home through the augmented reality application.


Clicking on the ‘i’ icon will bring you directly to our instructions page.

Store Finder

Use this section to locate the Carpet Call outlet nearest to you.


If you have questions or comments about this application, please use the form that is available from the main menu.

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